UK Poker Player Poker News Ahmed Train Rolls Over UKIPT Nottingham

Ahmed Train Rolls Over UKIPT Nottingham

Posted by Andy on April 16, 2012 at 12:14 BST

Iqbal Ahmed Leads UKIPT NottinghamWith some controversial soccer matches, a thrilling Grand National and an absorbing car race occurring in China over the weekend, you might be forgiven if you have not been keeping up to date with the poker news. Residents of Nottingham might have been distracted by the sound of an enormous crash sometime on Saturday – that was when a table at the Dusk till Dawn poker club collapsed under the weight of the chips amassed by young UK poker player Iqbal Ahmed.

Saturday – Ahmed´s Roll Starts Early of Day 2 and keeps on Rolling

Okay, so the table did not collapse, but at one point the young Ahmed had so many chips in front of him that he had to eliminate the two players either side of him to give some himself some elbow room. His incredible Day 2 on Saturday saw him climb from mid-leaderboard respectability to complete the day with 1,580,000 chips – twice that of his nearest competitor and five times the average chip count.

Ahmed started by busting out Milorad Dobrijevic in a {A♦} {Q♥} -v- {A♠} {9♣} race, and then took full advantage of a rash of short-stacked shoves after the bubble burst to chip up, before eliminating Day 1A chip leader Marcin Milde with his {10♣} {10♦} holding against Milde´s {A♥} {Q♠}.

Just prior to eliminating Ingimar Einarsson with pocket Kings against Big Slick, Ahmed knocked out the players to his left and right in a Jack´s versus sixes (Martin Rottem Dahle) versus eights (Surindar Sunar) race and, in the very next hand Ahmed´s pocket Aces held against Arrash Zafari´s pocket Tens for yet another elimination.

Sunday – More of the Same from Ahmed

Day 3 of the UKIPT Nottingham Main Event started in a similar fashion to Day 2. While 75 of the 76 remaining players considered breaching the 1 million chip mark, Ahmed was already coasting towards a 3 million chip stack after eliminating Nathan Kiely with a backdoor straight against Kiely´s {K♣} {K♦} and tripping over Jack´s against Michael Howard.

Tripped Queens against Przemek Piotrowski took Ahmed over the four million chip barrier, two sizeable pots against Chris Brammer helped him get over five million chips and the elimination of Scott Van Der Vliet with {A♣} {Q♣} against Van Der Vliet´s {A♠} {8♦} saw Ahmed´s chip stack increase to more than six million – more than a quarter of the chips in play.

Despite taking a knock when James Cummings´ pocket 6´s held against Ahmed´s {A♠} {K♠}, the Londoner recovered his lost chips with interest when busting out Chris Brammer in eleventh with {A♥} {Q♣} -v- {K♠} {Q♥} to finish the day with 6,680,000 chips – a lead of 48 big blinds over his nearest competitor, Ian Senior, and nearly a third of the chips in play.

Monday – Will the Wheels Fall Off The Ahmed Train?

Play in the final day of the UKIPT Nottingham starts at 2.00pm at the Dusk till Dawn Club, with each of the eight players remaining still in with a chance of capturing the £210,400 record breaking first prize. Undoubtedly Iqbal Ahmed holds a commanding position at the top of the leaderboard, but the destination of the winner´s cheque may be determined by who can play the most patient game after five days of action which have seen the elimination of 1618 UKIPT hopefuls.

Chip Counts for UKIPT Nottingham Final Table





Iqbal Ahmed



Ian Senior



James Cummings



Nick Woodward



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