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Alternatives To Pokerstars and Full Tilt For US Players

Posted by Andy on April 18, 2011 at 4:59 GMT

bodog poker allows USA poker playersMany, many players are looking for “Alternatives To Pokerstars and Full Tilt For US Players” well mostly players from the US that is. It comes as no surprise however that the name most have chosen to make their new online poker site is

Bodog is a brand recognised World Wide and one which still allows players from the United States to sit and play at their tables. On Sunday after the seizure of stars and tilt Bodog saw it’s player numbers grow over 20% and that figure still continues to rise.

Bodog Poker offers all new players a $1100 deposit bonus and gtd tournaments that often have up to $30,000 added due to low player numbers, this might now all change but it’s good to see that players haven’t given up and are looking elsewhere.

Our Advice To US Poker Players.

Sign up to Bodog and start off small.

If you are still wary (and rightly so) about the state of online poker at the moment, make your deposits small and play more tournaments than cash games. At least that way if anything like poker Black Friday every happens again you won’t have the same panic you may have just had when pokerstars and full tilt closed their doors on you!

If you cash in the games, then cash out! Bodog are very good at speedy withdrawls so test this for yourself by cashing out any winnings and leaving your modest bankroll in the site.

If You need a bodog referral number just use – 2876328 for the maximum deposit bonus.

bodog poker referral number

Good luck to all US player at the new home Bodog Poker – US Players Welcomed.