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An Introduction to Multi-Tabling

Posted by Andy on December 21, 2010 at 6:31 BST

Multi-tabling is the current buzzword in online poker. Playing multiple poker games at the same time has its advantages, but it can also lead you into difficulty if you get involved in too many difficult decisions at the same time. Inasmuch as you will be stacking up the bonuses and rakeback the more tables you play on, you have to consider what damage it might be doing to your poker bankroll as well.

This is why it is always best to start playing multiple tables just two at a time, and better still if these are confined to really tight games such as “Double or Nothing” Sit ´n´ Go tournaments in which you should not be making that many betting decisions and will still have an opportunity to observe the betting tendencies of the players seated around the table with you.

If you prefer to play in cash ring games, the best way to start multi-tabling is to sit in different positions relative to the button, so on one table you will be in early position and have a more restricted opening hand selection, whilst on the other, you can possibly be a little more liberal with what cards you open with.

Once you have acquired the skill to make decisions quicker you might wish to take on a couple more tables, but the increase should be gradual – there is no benefit in leaping from two tables to eight. Consider how difficult it can be to continually win at one table before you try to repeat the feat multiple times over, and even if you can keep up with the action – can your hardware?

Web sites which are heavy on graphics usually have a limit of four windows that can be played together, and it also has to be remembered that certain web sites are incompatible with each other and that you are unable to play at two different web sites on the same poker network. You cannot afford to slow your machine down when playing multiple tables and where decisions have to be made instantly when large sums of money or your tournament life might be at stake.

Once you have settled on a comfortable number of tables to play at, and you know that your computer can handle it, the rewards can be very worthwhile. Playing multiple tables is an ideal way for the tight aggressive to play lucrative poker without getting bored when they have not seen a decent hand in 30 minutes, and plays rubbish hands just for the sake of getting involved. A number of multi table poker players make a very good living from playing poker, and once you have mastered the basics, you can too!