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Basic Sit n Go Poker Strategy

Posted by David Cowell on August 13, 2010 at 11:40 BST

One format of poker which is particularly popular online is the Single Table Tournament, or “Sit ´n´ Go” (also abbreviated to STT or SnG). These games are played from low stakes of $0.10 up to $2.000 per player, short-handed or on a full table, and for any variety of game from Texas Hold´em to the Mixed Poker games such as HORSE.

The popularity of these games is due to the fact that you pay one entrance fee to win a specific prize, so you have limited the amount you can possibly lose and know how much it is possible to win. It also takes a fair amount of time to successfully complete a “Sit ´n´ Go” game, so it represents value for players not yet sufficiently disciplined or experienced to invest the sums required to take on the ring games, or who do not have the time to play a full multi-table tournament.

The time it takes to play a Sit ´n´ Go tournament may also vary depending on the blinds structure. In a “standard” SnG game, the blinds will increase every 10 minutes, meaning that a tournament will take about 60-90 minutes to conclude. However, there are now also turbo, super-turbo and even hyper-turbo tournaments available for the impatient, which may be all over within 15 minutes depending on the aggressiveness of the players.

Most online poker web sites have a section dedicated to Sit ´n´ Go tournaments in their lobbies, where you can observe the variety of games available and their respective entrance fees.

Each game will wait until the required number of players has registered before the game commences, and all players will start with the same amount of chips. In a full ring game (9 or 10 players), the top three players will be paid (normally on a 50%/30%/20% payout structure), and on short-handed tables (6 players), just the top two players get rewarded (normally 65%/35%).

New variations of the standard Sit ´n´ Go format introduced:-

Double or Nothing Sit ´n´ Go Tournaments are where there are ten players in a game and the last five men standing receive double the entry stake- with the five players eliminated losing theirs.

Triple or Nothing Sit ´n´ Go Tournaments are run on a similar basis to the Double or Nothing Tournaments, but are for six players where the top two triple their entry stake.

Jackpot Sit ´n´ Go Tournaments are competitions where the standard payouts are made to players, but an additional rake is attached to the entry fee which is put towards a jackpot for any player winning a fixed number of consecutive Sit ´n´ Go tournaments.

Basic Sit n Go Strategy

The basis of successful Sit ´n´ Go strategy is patience, although playing too tight in the turbo games will see you being eliminated by the blinds rather than your opponents. Many players know not to get too involved at an early stage if there is an aggressive player trying to control the table and wait until they are dealt a premium hand before they start to bet.

Indeed, it is quite common to see players sitting out at the beginning of a single table tournament until the level of the blinds and volume of action increases in the mid stages of the game.

Sit ´n´ Go tournaments are a good way to learn the basics of tournament play and a good learning experience for new players not yet accustomed to the discipline required to become a successful poker player.