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Be Nice to Your Poker Site

Posted by David Cowell on April 09, 2011 at 8:00 BST

We’ve heard (or seen) them all – Jokerstars, Full Tilt Joker, Pathetic (Pacific) Poker, Absolute (often “Absoloot”) Joker – and the list goes on and on. For every genuine online poker site on the Internet there is a derogatory term or two, coined by players who have been sucked out by a donk, experienced problems with the software or had their cash outs delayed.

Many of these problems could have been overcome if the player bad-mouthing the site had a) made it too expensive for the donk to call them, b) invested in a decent internet connection or c) read the terms and conditions of the poker site before registering an account (“Oooh! $1.000 Free. I must sign up for that!”).

When a player is sufficiently enraged, they scramble over to a poker forum – full of equally opinionated players – to vent their fury about how they have been mistreated, and advertise that the site is no good and should be avoided at all costs. Then, they go back and play on the site again when they have cooled down (or learned how to bet properly/invested in a broadband connection/spoken to customer services and submitted their proof of ID).

The damage that has been caused by their errant rantings not only negatively affects the poker site in question, but the player’s own profitability. By publically stating, either through a forum or at the end of a hand, that the site is rigged or bad in some way, it dissuades other players from registering with that site or (if already registered) from continuing to play there.

In order for a poker player to be profitable, they really want to be playing on a site which attracts plenty of new players – leading to the competition on cash tables being slightly easier and the tournaments fully subscribed. By casting doubts on the honesty of the site, they remove all the fresh blood and only leave experienced players with a good internet connection and an understanding of that site’s terms of use – effectively increasing the standard of the opposition!

Therefore, the next time you feel like releasing a little steam – no matter how justified – keep it to yourself. Make light of anybody commenting about how bad a site is without getting into a slanging match (you do not want to make yourself a target) and if you belong to forums or social network groups make the occasional comment about what a good, fair and rewarding site you play on. After all, if it wasn’t all of these things, you wouldn’t be there!