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Benny Spindler is EPT London Champion

Posted by Anthony on October 07, 2011 at 5:40 BST

Benny SpindlerDepending on your point of view, Benny Spindler is a worthy champion of the EPT London Main Event or a luckbox. In so many recent major tournaments (WPT Paris and Partouche Poker Tour spring to mind) Spindler has shot from the blocks like a rocket and led the early days of a Main Event, only for his aggressive nature to catch him out when it really mattered.

It looked as if history was repeating itself when Spindler lead both Days 1 and 2 of the EPT London Main Event, but when he was still around through Days 3, 4 and 5, many people wondered if he could hold it together for the full course. As it turns out on this occasion, he did – but it could have been so much different.

This Town Ain´t Big Enough for the Both of Us

We predicted yesterday that having two well-stacked hyper-aggressive players on the same table was going to create fireworks – and it did! Spindler had taken no time to assume the chip lead from overnight leader, Martins Adeniya, with the elimination of Miroslav Benes in eighth and victory in the biggest pot of the tournament to date when he caught Mattias Bergstrom bluffing.

That “biggest pot to date” was soon going to be history, as early in Level 28 (blinds 30,000/60,000 + 5,000) Bergstrom opened from UTG for 150,000 and Spindler made the call on the Button. Martins Adeniya, who was the big blind, raised up to 475,000 and Bergstrom folded. Spindler did not waste any time in announcing that he was all in and Adeniya called.

Spindler – 10♣ 10♠ (56.50%)

Adeniya – A♠ K♣ (43.50%)

With 7.3 million chips in the pot – more than a third of the chips in play – the winner of this hand was going to have a significant advantage over the rest of the field and it turned out to be Spindler as the board fell J♣ 8♣ 3 / 2♠ / J – sending Martins Adeniya to the rail in seventh place.

Spindler Maintains the Pressure

Benny Spindler used his enhanced chip stack to start harrying players out of pots uncontested and bullying the short stacks. By the start of the next level (blinds 40,000/80,000 + 10,000), Spindler had just under half the chips in play, was almost 6 million chips clear of his nearest rival Andre Klebanov, and had more chips than the other four players combined.

When the short-stacked players started to adopt a shove-or-fold policy, Spindler was there – knocking out Kevin Iacofano (Q♣ 10♣) in sixth, when he flopped a straight holding 8♠ 7♠, and PokerStars Pro player Juan Manuel Pastor in fourth – who chose the wrong moment to shove his pocket nines into Spindler´s pocket Aces.

The Opposition Comes in the Form of Steve O´Dwyer

Steve O´Dwyer – the player to win the first ever Epic Poker League Pro/Am – was trying his hardest not to let Spindler walk away with the title. Having doubled up against Germany´s Andre Klebanov, he took out Matthias Bergstrom in fifth when his 10 10 held against Bergstrom´s 10♠ J♠, and then was extremely fortunate to bust Klebanov (A♠ Q) when his A 5♣ matched a board of 8 6 J / 7 / 4♣ for an unlikely straight.

O´Dwyer´s good fortune was to set up a heads-up with Spindler which, despite his recent gains, he started at a massive chip disadvantage, and it was all over within 20 minutes – shoving his chips over Spindler´s four-bet with K♠ J♣ only to see Spindler turn over A♣ K. O´Dwyer´s cause was lost when the A was dealt on the flop and Benny Spindler collected the EPT London winner´s plaque, a cheque for £750,000 and a nice shiny Shamballa bracelet.

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