Bet on Poker

Posted by Anthony on January 11, 2012 at 8:52 GMT

Bet on PokerFor many years an argument has been raging between those who claim that a bet on poker constitutes gambling whereas others insist that poker is a game of skill. Dictionary definitions do not help to clarify the issue – most defining a bet on poker as a wager on an uncertain outcome. However, if you hold an unbeatable poker hand (“the nuts”) and you wish to maximise your return to betting, there is an element of skill involved in how much you bet on poker in order not to dissuade your opponent from continuing in the hand.

Making a Profitable Bet on Poker

Making a profitable bet on poker does not necessarily require that you have the best poker hand. Many players play profitable poker by making a bet on poker which leads others to believe that they have the best possible hand, while some poker players force their opponents out of the game by making it too expensive for them to continue in the hand. When a poker player knows their opponent well, they can manipulate them by the size of their bet on poker to make the opponent believe one thing or another.

What a Bet on Poker means to Break Even Players

Players who break even when playing poker (neither win nor lose) have an ulterior motive when they bet on poker. They are usually collecting as many loyalty points as possible to convert bonuses offered by the online poker site for opening an account and depositing funds. These loyalty points are usually awarded in relation to the size of the bet on poker that the player makes and their overall contribution to the pot. As the online poker site deducts a “rake” percentage for hosting the games of poker, they are happy to return some of their profit to the player in return for remaining loyal to the site.

Getting the Best Welcome Bonus

The best welcome bonuses are not necessarily those which offer the largest amounts of bonus. Some recreational poker players will find it difficult to bet on poker enough within a fixed time limit to collect the points required to collect much of the bonus being offered to them. This is why it is often advisable to look beyond a bonus and its respective bonus code. PKR Poker for example offers a three-tiered welcome bonus from which players can choose an instant $5.00 bonus, a 100% match up to $150.00 or a 125% match up to $500.00. Each bonus has its own clearing requirements and its own bonus code. PKR also enables break even players to continue collecting loyalty points for rewards from their virtual shop and for entry into freeroll poker tournaments which offer a chance to win money for nothing!

Bet on Poker Conclusion

Understanding the side benefits of making a bet on poker is probably not enough to sway those who insist that making a bet on poker is the same as taking a risk with their money. However for anybody with the patience to find the most appropriate bonus code PKR – and poker sites like them – will continue to attract plenty of break even online poker players who have the opportunity to convert welcome bonuses and take advantage of loyalty schemes even if their skills of making a profitable bet on poker have not yet developed.