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Biggest Hand in Online Poker History

Posted by David Cowell on July 18, 2010 at 6:50 BST

It’s was coming all week and today we saw the biggest cash pot in online poker history of over $1.3 Million. The pot featured Patrik Antonius and the newest player to hit the high stakes games Isildur1.

Isildur1 who’s real identity is still a mystery had been a phenomenon this week taking Tom Dwan for a few Million and holding his own against Ivey and Patrik, for a while anyway.

Isildur1’s best game seems to be No Limit Hold’em but he seems to be playing the big boys at heads up pot limit omaha with blinds at $500/$1000 and not doing that well. When watching it all seems very strange how $700,000+ pots are won with dubious looking 2 pair and i don’t think isuldur1 has much clue about omaha where as Ivey and Antonius are masters at it.

I’ll get the video of the hand up as soon as possible but for now here’s what happened!

Isuldur1 posts small blind $500
Antonius post bb $1000
Isuldur1 raises to $3000
Antonius Re-raises to $9000
Isuldur1 makes it $27000
Antonius makes it $81,000
Isuldur1 calls

Flop comes 4s – 5c – 2h

Pot is now $162,000
Antonius bets $91,000
Isuldur1 raises to $435,000
Antonius move over the top and Isuldur1 calls for his remaining $162,473

Here’s the screen shot after the turn and river making a nice pot for Patrik Antonius!

1.3 Million Online Poker Pot

1.3 Million Online Pot

After i’ve wrote this it looks like Isildur1 is in tilt mode and throwing chips at Antonius over 3 tables, Patrik has over $3.5 milion and Isildur1 is trying to raise every hand and getting called, a big bluff with basically nothing saw Antonius make a great call for a further pot of over $500,000.

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