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Chilipoker launches Chiliconnect

Posted by David Cowell on April 10, 2011 at 7:41 BST

Many of us love to share our online poker successes with our friends on Facebook, Twitter and the like. It may be just $10 (or less), but we’re so blood-gushing proud of ourselves we can’t resist. It’s natural. All poker players, at whatever level, love to boost the ego once or twice by flaunting our success stories. From a first timer winning a handful of dollars online from Phil Hellmuth himself; it happens across the board. We poker players are as vain as Hollywood film stars that way, we only hide it better. Well, most of us do anyway (sorry Phil).

And now with, it has become easy to brazenly display your poker success. Easier, in fact, as you don’t have to type the updates yourself (and thus feel guilty about doing them). The website has unveiled a new piece of software, entitled ‘Chiliconnect’, which allows players to automatically post results as they happen onto their social networks. Don’t worry, there is a ‘positive performance only’ option to safely preserve your pride. The software also allows friends to play against one another, challenge each other in a click, and see which tournaments each is entering online. Make enough of a splash over the online felt, and you could find yourself in the top daily results, displaying Chilipoker’s best players. All information is processed in Real Time, so updates are instant.

Alexandre Dreyfus, Chilipoker’s founder, stated that the new social experience and unique real money challenging system is living up to the online poker room’s motto to “Spice Up Your Game.” It has also been revealed that Chilipoker intends to continue developing their software, by adding new social tools and interactive functions; all of which are devoted to connecting dedicated poker playing friends online. A TV ad campaign will also be launched in mid-April to promote the product.

A part of the internationally renowned iPoker Network, Chilipoker was launched in 2004 by a Swedish team of internet poker players. The company was able to move into the international market after merging with Gaminvest, an investment fund created by European Entrepreneurs. Chilipoker now has subsidiaries in London in the UK, Sliema in Malta and San José in Costa Rica. In 2007. the new face of the site was announced as Liz Lieu, the beautiful Poker Diva herself. Lieu now acts as ambassador for the company, playing and promoting for Chilipoker round the world.