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Cricket and Poker Tournaments

Posted by David Cowell on January 17, 2011 at 2:24 GMT

With a lot of the UK´s sporting focus currently on the exploits of the English cricket team and their performance in Australia, it seems appropriate that we should highlight the parallels between different types of cricket matches and online multi table poker tournaments.

Whereas you may think that one game is played outside on a grassy field, whilst you participate in the other from the warmth and comfort of your lounge, there are comparisons which may be of interest to players who have tried playing in poker tournaments, but not succeeded at first and returned to the cash ring tables.

When you think of the many different types of crickets matches that can take place – from the T20 games which last three hours to the protracted battle for the Ashes over twenty five days – there are many more types of multi table poker tournaments that one can enter.

Inasmuch as certain cricketers will compete in the short game, but be replaced by more suitable players in the Test series, so you may be a better player in a turbo tournament than you are in the MTTs which last long into the night – or vice versa.

If your betting tendencies are more loose aggressive, you could possibly thrive in a hyper-turbo game such as a T20, where the action comes thick and fast. An extreme, tight aggressive player will want to enter deep-stacked tournaments in which he can chisel away at other player´s chip stacks by patiently waiting for the right cards to come along and taking advantage of the opportunities when they occur.

In the latter form of the game, there is no rush to get up the leaderboard at the earliest possible moment because you have plenty of time available to you. You are not involved in a run chase or a situation where you have to score at a certain rate to avoid being blinded out.

There are other comparisons too, which may influence you potential for success in multi table poker tournaments. Remember that cricket is played at all skill ranges – from Sunday afternoon games in the park up to the top level we have been celebrating recently (particularly if you play on a site with a lot of Australians!).

As you rise through the ranks of either game, different skill sets are used to be successful at that level, and although your bankroll should determine where you feature in the buy-in “ladder”, you might actually find that playing at a lower level provides you with a more enjoyable and lucrative poker experience.