UK Poker Player Poker News Disappointment for Boatman as Pateychuk Claims EPT San Remo

Disappointment for Boatman as Pateychuk Claims EPT San Remo

Posted by Andy on October 28, 2011 at 3:35 BST

Andrey PateychukBarny Boatman failed in his quest to become the third successive UK winner of the EPT San Remo Main Event after a classic final day which was dominated, and then almost thrown away, by Russian poker player Andrey Pateychuk. Barny finished in fourth place for a career-best tournament cash of €225,000 – an astonishing statistic considering the Hendon Mobster´s long and distinguished career – but ultimately fell short of the achievements of Liv Boeree and Rupert Elder in capturing the EPT San Remo title.

Tough Seat Equals Tough Day

It was always going to be a tough day for Barny – sat immediately before overnight chip leader Daniel Neilson – and right from the start Neilson was three-betting any of Barny´s raises to put the Englishman under pressure. However seated to Barny´s right was the only previous EPT Main Event winner in the field – Kevin MacPhee – and when the short-stacked American shoved with {5♥} {6♣}, Barny chipped up by calling his bluff with {Q♠} {7♠} – a combination which was good enough to eliminate MacPhee and stoke the Boatman´s engines.

MacPhee Fumes at Manner of Elimination

MacPhee was not too endeared with the manner of his departure, tweeting that he felt Barny´s call was “f##king retarded”. However, during a break in the final table action, Barny – who was playing live poker for substantial sums when MacPhee was still in nappies – commented that MacPhee had given him a massive tell by the weakness in his voice when he announced he was all-in. MacPhee later retracted his outburst, but probably under duress from the company he was in – including girlfriend Liv Boeree – and drew a lot of criticism from other professional players, including Keith “the Camel” Hawkins who suggested that MacPhee should change his online poker alias from “ImaLuckSac” to “ImaSac”.

Pateychuk Applies the Pressure and Busts Barny

Following MacPhee´s elimination, Rocco Palumbo, Yorane Kerignard and Jan Bendik fell in quick succession, and when Andrey Pateychuk ({A♠} {K♣}) doubled up against Daniel Neilson ({A♥} {9♦}) he was the new chip leader with more than half the chips in play. Now sitting immediately to the right of Barny Boatman, he twice squeezed the Londoner out of valuable pots before Barny´s shove with {3♣} {3♠} was called and dominated by the Russian´s {Q♦} {Q♣}. The {Q♠} on the flop had Barny out of his chair and heading towards the door before the {J♥} and {J♣} filled Pateychuk up.

Thanking everybody for their support after his elimination, Barny joked that following his cashes in the EPT London Main Event and WSOPE Main Event, he should now be in the running for next year´s “Rookie of the Year” title at the British Poker Awards.

Russian v Bulgarian in Heads Up

Shortly after Barny´s departure, the short-stacked Neilson shoved his {A♠} {5♦} into the {A♥} {9♠} of Dimitar Danchev, and a Russia –v- Bulgaria heads-up was set. Pateychuk had a slight advantage going into the climax and slowly ate away at Danchev´s stack. The Bulgarian fought back to take the chip lead in a ten million chip pot in which his two pairs of Aces and Fives was good enough to overcome Pateychuk´s mucked hand, but then the pivotal hand of the tournament happened.

Astonishing Fortune for Pateychuk Delivers Title

With Danchev sitting behind a stack of 12.7 million chips and a slight advantage of four big blinds over Pateychuk, Danchev raised 325,000 from the button and was re-raised by Pateychuk to 900,000. Danchev called and both players saw the flop of {9♠} {4♦} {2♥}. Pateychuk then lead the betting with a 1.2 million chip bet, to which Danchev responded with a raise to 2.6 million chips. Pateychuk then put his tournament life at risk with a shove which Danchev called.

Pateychuk {7♣} {6♠} (for nothing)

Danchev {10♠} {9♣} (for top pair)

The turn of {8♥} gave Pateychuk chances of an open-ended straight, but Danchev was still in the lead. Only a Five or Ten could possibly see the tournament going to another hand and remarkably the {5♥} was dealt on the river to send the 24 million chip pot to the Russian and leave Danchev with a little more than 600,000 chips of his own. It took just three hands for the inevitable to happen – Danchev´s {K♠} {Q♠} failing to pair on the board and coming second to Pateychuk´s {7♦} {7♣}.

Andrey Pateychuk the new EPT San Remo Champion

As the final two players had agreed a chop prior to settling down for the climax to the tournament, Pateychuk collects €680,000 for his victory – nearly double what he collected for finishing fifteenth in the WSOP Main Event earlier this year. Dimitar Danchev´s €600,000 reward for coming second was fifteen times larger than his total career earnings to date and despite Daniel Neilson losing his commanding overnight advantage, his prize of €285,000 is also biggest winning in played poker tournaments of his career.






Andrey Pateychuk Russia

€ 680,000


Dimitar Danchev Bulgaria

€ 600,000


Daniel Neilson Australia

€ 285,000


Barny Boatman UK

€ 225,000


Jan Bendik Slovakia

€ 170,000


Yorane Kerignard France

€ 130,000


Rocco Palumbo Italy

€ 95,000


Kevin MacPhee USA

€ 63,694