UK Poker Player Poker News Disappointment for UK Poker Players as Fox Win WSOPE Main Event

Disappointment for UK Poker Players as Fox Win WSOPE Main Event

Posted by Andy on October 21, 2011 at 11:25 BST

WSOPE Main EventElio Fox benefitted from some outrageous good fortune to claim the World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) Main Event, and shatter the dreams of the three UK poker players attempting to double up on last year´s success of James Bord. Fox, who started the day as chip leader following his fortuitous flopped set of tens against Arnaud Mattern (AA) and Alex Dovzhenko (AK) on Wednesday night, acknowledged in a post-match interview the part that luck had played in his victory and in winning the 21st WSOP bracelet ever to be played for in Europe.

Moorman Busts Silver Early

The day started with Jake Cody (2.685 million chips) in second, Chris Moorman (2.230 million chips) in fourth and Max Silver (1.825 million chips) in sixth position behind overnight leader Elio Fox (3.990 million chips), but Chris Moorman was soon to move up into second place with the elimination of Max Silver. Silver, who had led the tournament through most of Wednesday´s proceedings, shoved in the tenth hand of the day with {A♠} {K♥} and was called by Moorman holding {J♣} {J♥}. With neither an Ace nor a King to help Silver, he was the first to leave the table in eighth place.

Tens Do It Again for Elio Fox

The pocket tens which had catapulted Elio Fox to the lead on Wednesday were also cause for Jake Cody´s demise in the cruellest of circumstances. Jake had been looking menacing following the departure of Max Silver. He had regained second place at the table and was making inroads in Fox´s advantage when he shoved with {J♥} {J♦} against Fox´s four-bet with {10♥} {10♣}. The flop of {8♦} {7♣} {6♠} left Fox needing a Nine or Ten to come from behind and, on the turn, the {9♥} was dealt to send Jake to the rail and denied the opportunity of a second WSOP bracelet.

Fox Takes Back Seat as Eliminations Start to Fly

Despite controlling almost 40% of the chips in play, Fox was unable to dominate the remaining players on the final table and took a back seat as Dermot Blain eliminated Shawn Buchan in sixth, Brian Roberts busted Blain in fifth, and Chris Moorman took out Brian Roberts in fourth. Had it not been for Fox´s elimination of German poker player Moritz Kranich in third, both he and Moorman would have entered the heads-Up practically on level terms. As it was, when the Heads-Up began, Elio Fox had an 11,095,000 –v- 6,720,000 chip advantage over the man from Benfleet.

Moorman Plays Catch Up and Then is Crippled

Chris Moorman started the heads-up as the main aggressor, taking six of the first seven hands without seeing flop, and starting to chip away at Fox´s advantage. However, Chris received a devastating blow when betting on every street of a board which ran {J♣} {6♣} {5♣} / {A♠} / {10♣} only to see Fox turn over {J♥} {2♣} for the smallest of flushes. With his massive advantage, Fox now became the aggressor, and Chris could make no further ground against the American. Eventually, Chris had to take a chance.

The Final Hand Almost Avenges Cody

Down to his last 2.5 million chips, Chris three-bet Fox pre-flop to 430,000. Fox responded by shoving all-in and Chris called.

Moorman:           {A♥} {7♠}

Fox:                       {A♦} {10♠}

Things did not look good for Chris, but the flop of {4♠} {3♥} {6♠} gave him the opportunity for a gutshot draw to gain revenge for the manner of Jake Cody´s elimination. The {6♦} on the turn also gave options for a chopped pot if a three or four was dealt on the river, but the UK poker players´ disappointment was complete when the {8♥} appeared on the river to present Elio Fox with victory and the €1.4 million first prize.

WSOPE Main Event Finishing order and Payouts

Overall it was a good tournament for UK poker, where we managed ten cashes amongst the 64 spots paid in the Main Event, and a good series in general – with twelve final table appearances in the eight feature events (including Eleanor Gudger´s second place finish in the Ladies Event). Many of them will be returning back to Blighty, but a few are spending the end of the month in Italy, where the EPT San Remo starts today.






Elio Fox USA

€ 1,400,000


Chris Moorman UK

€ 800,000


Moritz Kranich Germany

€ 550,000


Brian Roberts USA

€ 400,000


Dermot Blain Ireland

€ 275,000


Shawn Buchanan Canada

€ 200,000


Jake Cody UK

€ 150,000


Max Silver UK

€ 115,000