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DTD Forced to Extend Grand Prix Online Day 1s

Posted by Anthony on August 15, 2011 at 9:40 GMT

DTD Grand PrixDusk till Dawn have been forced to make some extensive changes to the format of their ambitious €250,000 Grand Prix IV tournament which started online Day 1s at the beginning of the week. As of Thursday evening only 507 players had registered for the first eight online qualifiers, resulting in just 50 players making it through to the Day 2 stage scheduled for Saturday 20th August.

The Prospect of a Massive Overlay

Faced with the prospect of a massive overlay, Dusk till Dawn made the announcement on Friday that a further 14 online Day 1s would run throughout next week, with players busted out in the early stages allowed to re-enter the same game prior to the end of the late registration period (Level 6). They also announced that they would be making it (slightly) easier for players to qualify for Day 2 of the event by rounding up the number of players to the next ten if the total number of entries and re-entries ended in a number between 5-9, and therefore adding an average of half a seat a game.

Good News for Online Players

Inasmuch as the announcements were made as a result of a disappointing level of players entering the event, they are excellent news for online players still hoping to qualify for the live climax of the Grand Prix. Additional opportunities have been presented to players who would have otherwise had to journey to Nottingham to qualify and, if you were unluckily sucked out in the early exchanges of the 9.00pm tournament, you do not have to wait until the next day to get back into qualifying mode again – you can re-enter straight away!

Good News for Dusk till Dawn Too!

The good news for Dusk till Dawn is that many players who fail on the first attempt are trying to qualify by re-entering the online Day 1s. Although the “snowball” of re-entries that was hoped for has not yet materialised, 15 players (of 51) have got in Day 2 by virtue of the re-entry process and, once players have committed so much time and money to an event, they are not likely to give up now that more online opportunities are available. Remember, finishing in the top 10% of Day 1 tournaments qualifies you for a place on the table next Saturday and a guaranteed cash.

Game Times

The important times to remember are 7.00pm and 9.00pm for online players and 7.00pm for players who live close to the club and want to experience live poker play in one of the country´s leading poker venues. There is also going to be a live Day 1 at 12.00 noon on Friday 19th August – practically the last chance to book your place for Day 2. Although there is no limit on the number of times a player can re-enter Grand Prix IV, you are advised not to leave it to the last minute to take advantage of the likely value in this event. Visit Dusk till Dawn today!