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DTD Grand Prix IV Settled in 8-Way Split

Posted by Andy on August 22, 2011 at 12:04 BST

DTD Grand PrixHistory will show that the Dusk till Dawns Grand Prix IV was won by Tommy Bingham, but the biggest winners of the night were in fact the short-stacked players on the final table who negotiated a favourable eight-way deal, which saw Tommy actually get less than the second place finisher – Nicholas Humphris.

An Incredible Split or Sensible Decision?

In order to understand how this could have happened, one needs to look at the table dynamics before Nicholas Humphris bust out Chris Murtagh in ninth position to claim a million chip pot and increase his stack to 1.7 million.

Tommy Bingham had eliminated Steve Jelinek in fourteenth, James Ellison in eleventh and crippled David Burn (who eventually finished tenth) to build up a commanding chip advantage over Humphris, Latvian qualifier Romans Mihailovs and Dusk till Dawn regular Marios Arkadiou.

The Negotiations Begin

With Humphris´ big gain, Tommy no longer had the security of a million chip lead, and suggested a spilt of €25K to him and Humphris, with the remainder divided between the remaining players. In this way, he would be guaranteed a substantial bump on his original investment of €60.00.

Nicholas Humphris said that he didn´t want to accept less than second place prize money and pushed for €30K. Mihailovs, Arkadiou and Mohammed Ashfaq said they too wanted a little more than an equal split with the three remaining players, and eventually the following settlement was agreed when Tommy took a cut in his prize to broker an agreement.

Place Name Prize (€) Chips Deal (€)
1 Tommy Bingham 46,369 1,900,000 27,900
2 Nicholas Humphris 26,252 1,700,000 30,000
3 Romans Mihailovs 16,407 560,000 11,500
4 Marios Arkadiou 11,414 470,000 11,500
5 Mohammed Ashfaq 9,273 397,000 11,500
6 Ian Turner 6,420 450,000 10,700
7 Mark Wates 4,993 285,000 10,700
8 Michael Daryl Haney 3,566 161,000 10,700

Ian Turner and Michael Daryl Haney Win Golden Chip Bonuses

Looking at the figures above, it seems strange that Ian Turner should receive less than Ashfaq when he had more chips. However, both he and Michael Daryl Haney each received a bonus €15,000 for reaching the final table after qualifying in a Golden Chip promotion.

The promotion was introduced to encourage players to qualify for the event at an early stage – Dusk till Dawn trying to avoid the scenario of a major overlay – which Ian Turner and Michael Daryl Haney both took advantage of and benefitted greatly from. As well as paying the €30,000 bonus, DtD poker also suffered a €50,000 overlay on the €250K guarantee they offered for the event, despite a huge promotional push prior to last weekend´s live conclusion.

Congratulations to ALL the Winners

Well done to all eight winners of Dusk till Dawn´s Grand Prix IV and to the club itself for maintaining the guarantee prize fund at €250,000 – despite looking at one stage like shipping a six-figure loss. Hopefully Grand Prix V goes a little smoother, but for now congratulations to Tommy Bingham who possibly made one of the most sensible decisions of his poker career!