UK Poker Player Poker News Dusk till Dawn Grand Prix Overlay “only” €50.000!

Dusk till Dawn Grand Prix Overlay “only” €50.000!

Posted by Andy on August 21, 2011 at 1:20 GMT

DTD Grand PrixAs forecast on this site two weeks ago, the Dusk till Dawn Grand Prix IV closed registrations facing a hand-in-pocket nightmare of an overlay. Their ambitious €250,000 guarantee failed to attract sufficient entrants to the event but full credit to Simon Trumper and the rest of the DTD team for keeping the guarantee in place when it first became obvious that it might be an expensive venture.

The Snowball That Eventually Arrived

The Dusk till Dawn marketing team deserve praise as well for extending the opportunities for people to enter the event and qualifying for the live Day 2 which started at the club earlier today (Saturday). Four live Day 1 qualifiers at the club were hosted on Friday and online Day 1s were running every 30 minutes on the club´s web site, enabling all those who had not previously qualified a further chance to reach the final days. For those that made it through to Day 2, a generous prize structure awaits.

The Magic Number is €46,369

All 399 players who took their seats on Saturday are guaranteed a cash of €75.00 for just qualifying through to this stage. Prize values rise rapidly in €25.00 units until players make the final two tables. At this stage the prizes more than double in value and increased rapidly until the first place prize is reached of €46,369. Considering that 20% of this is “donated” by DTD Poker, it represents great value for those who saw the signs and took advantage of Dusk till Dawns efforts to make this the leading UK live tournament.

Top Place Payouts

Place Prize (€)
1 46,369
2 26,252
3 16,408
4 11,414
5 9,274
6 6,420
7 4,994
8 3,567
9 2,854
10 to 13 1,997
14 to 18 1,427

Good Luck to Everybody Involved in the Event

Just for once, we do not only mean the players. At a time when poker – both live and online – is enduring a difficult time, the efforts of Dusk till Dawn to provide a top quality poker tournament, and stick to their guns about the guarantee that was on offer, is exceptionally creditable. We hope that the Grand Prix IV is a stunning success for them and look forward to a (more profitable) Grand Prix V.