UK Poker Player Poker News Erik Seidel takes second place at the WPT

Erik Seidel takes second place at the WPT

Posted by David Cowell on April 16, 2011 at 11:36 BST

Sitting proudly atop the Hendon Mob’s all-time money listings, Erik Seidel has mode over $4,000,000 this year alone. He has won 8 World Series of Poker bracelets and one World Poker Tour gong. He looked on the cusp of making it two gongs earlier today, but narrowly lost out to Mike Scarborough.

Going into the final table of six, Seidel was ranked third in chips with 645,000. Leading out in front was William Reynolds with 1,169,000, followed by Mike Scarborough with 654,500. It was only three hands in before Ali Eslami was out, his trip nines nines falling against Reynold’s full house. It was only another four hands before the table said goodbye to Andy Whetstone, eliminated by Scarborough. A little while later, and Tom Marchese fell by the wayside. Marchese pushed all in pre-flop with As-Kh, and was called by Reynolds  who held pocket 10s. The flop came down Ac-Jc-Ts, giving Marchese a top pair and bright prospects to take the hand. A Qh on the turn have him a straight an an almost certain win, but the fickle nature of poker played in, and a Qs on the river gave Reynolds a full house and Marchese a fourth place finish.

It was almost six hours before Reynolds himself felt the cold sting of defeat. Having had his stack rather reduced, he was forced to three-bet all in against Scarborough. Scarborough’s AcJh proved far superior against Reynold’s AdTd, and the PCA High Roller winner was down.

Seidel then fought drastically to close the chip-gab between himself and Scarborough, but it proved too big a climb even for this champion. The final hand of the event turned out to be a classic race when Seidel moved all in with Ad9d, and Scarborough called with JhTh. With a Tc-9s-7h flop the cards were thoroughly in Scarborough’s favour, giving him a high pair. It only got better as a 8s on the turn upgraded his hand into a straight, with a 10d on the river unable to save Seidel and ensuring Scarborough was crowned the new WPT Champion.

The final table payouts and positions were as follows:

1st: Mike Scarborough – $273,664

2nd: Erik Seidel – $155,103

3rd: William Reynolds – $110,788

4th: Tom Marchese – $77,551

5th: Andy Whetstone – $62,041

6th: Ali Eslami – $50,962