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Find the fishy poker sites

Posted by David Cowell on July 18, 2010 at 5:56 GMT

fishy poker sitesAs a poker player you want to be playing others who simply are pretty poor at the game, the term poker fish is used to describe a bad or weak player, finding these players should be a priority to us all. So the question we set out to answer is which is the fishiest poker site of all!

Our findings were quite amazing and the standard of play on the site we are about to disclose was nothing short of shocking. The winner of the fishiest poker site is the ridiculously easy to win on Lucky Ace Poker!

Why is this the poker site with the most fish?

Lucky Ace is powered by 888 and as both brands have a huge online casino presence we assume the slots and roulette players are dipping their toes i to the poker waters. This is obviously excellent news for us all and if you haven’t played here you most definitely should.

Another reason the site is full of fish is the bonus they offer, many fish change sites on a regular basis to gain bonuses, lucky ace is unique in that the bonus offered is instant and upfront without the need to play thousands of hands to be able to use it. Whats more you also get regular reload bonuses offered by email which keeps the fish all in one place, a shoal if you like!

Yet another reason is that Lucky Ace accepts PayPal as a way of funding your account, what serious poker player uses PayPal?

In all seriousness you should try this site and if you can’t win you should possibly give up on the game altogether, you will get bad beats and a lot of them as the play is really shocking, no matter how much you bet you WILL get called by some donkey on a one outer, keep your composure and you’ll be rolling in it in no time at all.

To find out more about the lucky ace poker bonus and a rakeback deal please read our Lucky Ace Poker review here.