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Flippin´ Victoria Coren all She Wants is a Nice Cuppa Tea

Posted by David Cowell on June 27, 2011 at 1:56 GMT

Vicky CorenAs if the British contingent at the World Series of Poker had not already caused enough trouble, leading UK poker player Vicky Coren announced her arrival at the WSOP by having a stand up row with a tournament official during the $1,000 NLHE Championship (Event 45).

Following on from James “Parking Lot” Bord and the Barmy Army, diminutive(*) Vicky had a starring role in “Brits Abroad Part 3” when she stood up for a player on her table who had inadvertently “flipped” a card.

The errant player offered to fold his hand straightaway and play no further part in the hand, but another player on the table asked for a ruling on what should be done. After a long delay a “floorperson” turned up and ruled that the player could not have a new card and would be penalised for “flipping”.  An annoyed Vicky stood up and told the “floor” that he couldn´t do that, to which he replied “Watch me!”

Speaking after the “fracas”, Vicky said that the “floor” had a macho problem and said it like being surrounded by the military inside the Rio. She called for the introduction of women floorpersons to replace the “guys who have been turned down for a job as a bouncer”.

There was no mention of the argument amongst Vicky´s weekend tweets, but in her blog she found fault with the size of the sandwiches at the Rio. Claiming that she could put on eight stone if she continued to eat them (*) and commenting about the free bag of Chex Mix that accompanied them “Do you ever wish you were eating cardboard that tastes slightly of chemicals that taste slightly of cheese?”

(*) Vicky, if you are reading this, you looked diminutive sat between the two 250 lb+ players to either side of you. Maybe you should eat some of the Rio sandwiches!

The Flippin´ Rules

The rules regarding a player inadvertently (or otherwise) displaying their cards to the table with action pending are quite clear in section 98 of the WSOP rulebook. The player can receive a verbal warning, a one, two, three or four round penalty (at which time is excluded from the table area) or total disqualification.

In Vicky´s defence, the player had already offered to fold his hand to speed the game up and there was no need for a floorperson to be called. Furthermore, if the Rio cannot serve a decent cup of tea (another of Vicky´s issues) in what frame of mind do they expect a British player to be?

In better news, Vicky had a good night on the casino blackjack tables and is entering today´s feature $10,000 6 Handed NLHE Championship – Good Luck Vicky!

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