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Free Poker Odds Calculator

Posted by David Cowell on July 19, 2010 at 10:01 GMT

Did you know you can get a free life time version of pokerbility the online poker assistant?

One of the best online poker sites for the UK is offering all players a free copy of the excellent software just for signing up, there is no deposit needed to get it and it’s worth $99.99 but yours for FREE!

Believe it or not, there are people out there who enjoy math. They get all teary eyed with nostaligic glee when the topic of E = mc2 comes up. They still have that digital calculator watch from the eighties hidden somewhere in their sock drawer. Non-linear equations are discussed in the same sort of hushed awe that the rest of us use when talking about the possibility of an afterlife, or Monday Night Football.

In short, these are not the type of guys you are likely to find sitting around a poker table using their computer like brains to figure out how far to go when they are holding a pair of kings, and the flop produces an Ace. The folks at Pokerbility saw this as a waste of a perfectly good mind, so if they were not going to use their considerable intellects for poker, we would.

Because Pokerbility saw fit to tap some of the best minds around to create its product, the end result was a versatile and accurate odds calculator that is the closest thing around to having a poker pro sitting at your elbow, guiding your every movement.

Most folks in the odds calculator business claim that there’s is the most accurate. When they are asked what makes them the best, though, the answer sounds more like something that came from their advertising agency than their lab.

Pokerbility is the best for reasons that come from the verifiable science behind our product. The product is driven by our exclusive, patent-pending CombiCalc™ hands odds calculation technology.

When making an odds calculator, conventional wisdom says that you need to make a choice between the accepted methods of building this sort of technology. The product will either use hard coded statistic figures or hand history to output the hand rank and odds. The former is much more accurate, but the latter is faster.

When Pokerbility was created, the folks who built it told conventional wisdom to go jump in the lake, and used both methods to create an incredibly accurate and swift odds calculator. Using Pokerbility will give you an edge over the competition.

Good poker means not only knowing which cards to play, but which hands to throw away. Pokerbility will be your user friendly partner in making these important decisions.

Just turn it on, click the attach button, and the program does the rest. Working with Pokerbility will increase your chances of coming away a winner.

How To Claim Your Free Copy!

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