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Grosvenor UK Poker Tour = The Best Live Poker

Posted by David Cowell on January 03, 2011 at 5:47 BST

grosvenor uk poker tourThe Grosvenor UK Poker Tour is the Countries longest running and biggest poker tour, and without doubt is the best live poker action on offer in the UK.

When you take everything into consideration the GUKPT offers larger buy-ins than most (for it’s main events) a plethora of side events starting at £100, the best home grown talent and familiar faces.

The tour travels to all parts of the UK and for 2011 makes it’s first venture to Ireland. With so many venues and so many events to choose from you should be aiming to pull up a chair and play the GUKPT near you.

Many people stick to live poker at their local pub or club where it’s cheaper and “more fun” That’s not really true and the GUKPT offers immense value for money. Last Year there was over £200,000 added to the tours prize  money and you can expect more of the same this time around.

A lot of players (myself included) complain about the cost of playing. I don’t mean the cost of entering but more the  travel costs, accommodation costs and so on. It can rack up when you think a hotel for 3 nights booked late can cost you £300 and that’s not even a particularly nice one!!

How to Save Money Playing the UK Poker Tour

Win Your Seat Online – It’s not that hard to do and with the online satellites at G Casino Poker you can win your main event seat for little or no cost. Doing this is a great way to save money, and once you bag a seat you can choose where you want to play it. – Qualify Online Here.

Plan in Advance – Once you know where you are going and when BOOK Your Hotel. If like most you’re not too fussed then take advantage of the deals from travelodge where you can get rooms from as little as £9 per night. The earlier you can book the cheaper you can get rooms, this is a big saving and well worth the little forethought needed.

Share the Car – If you’re travelling a long way then try to give others a lift or vice versa to split the cost of fuel. OK this isn’t going to save a lot really but it does mean you can talk poker on the way there and back, and as long as it’s not bad beat after bad beat then it makes the journey go by much faster.

There are loads of ways to save some serious money, many are now having private leagues with their mates!

For example: Get 5 players together and play a weekly £20 game, after 10 weeks you have enough for a main event seat. The overall winnerafter 10 weeks wins the live seat to the GUKPT.  Why not give the other 4 a piece of any winnings meaning everyone has a chance of their money back or a healthy profit!

Use a little imagination and plan in advance, you’ll save money and have more fun along the way. The road to the GUKPT is open to everyone and we highly recommend you take your shot at glory in 2011. The GUKPT is the biggest and best poker tour – Win a Seat Online Today.