UK Poker Player Poker News GUKPT Champion Leads UKIPT Edinburgh Main Event

GUKPT Champion Leads UKIPT Edinburgh Main Event

Posted by Anthony on August 12, 2011 at 3:00 BST

UKIPT Edinburgh 2011Haitao “Colin” Wu, the 2009 GUKPT Champion of Champions, leads a star-studded field after Day 1a of the PokerStars sponsored UKIPT Edinburgh Main Event. Wu seems to have a love affair with Edinburgh´s Corn Exchange, having previously won the Scottish Poker Championships and the Gala Casino´s Poker Tour at the venue, and he will carry a 20,000 chip advantage over the remainder of his Day 1a adversaries into Saturday´s Day 2.

The Stars Light Up Edinburgh

A fantastic turn out heralded the start of the UKIPT Edinburgh Main Event. The 246 players who entered Day 1a included WSOP Champion Chris Moneymaker, EPT winner and UKIPT Champion of Champions David Vamplew, and UKIPT Season One Brighton champion Jamie Burland – all of whom survived in good positions. The Stars we lost included November Niner Sam Holden, Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree and UKIPT Nottingham Season 2 Champion Gareth Walker. Some chap called Jake Cody is also still going strong!

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Shopping

73 players made it through the day, with much of the action happening late on as the blinds rose to 500/1,000 (Ante 100). A number of short-stacked players adopted shove or fold strategies to prevent delaying the inevitable until Saturday, but some just met with bad luck. Liv Boeree ran her AJ into Jake Cody’s AQ and Irish poker player Owen Robinson – who had just seen his pocket Queens busted by pocket 4s – was eliminated in the Hand of the Day.

The Hand of the Day

Robinson had just joined a table containing David Vamplew and the well-stacked Canadian Kevin Ayow when he was dealt {A♣} {K♣}. Seeing an opportunity to regain some of the chips he had been sucked out of in the previous hand, Robinson raised from early, got called by Ayow ({K♥} {K♦}), called by Adam Henriksson ({Q♠} {Q♥}) raised by Jost Beifuhs ({A♦} {A♠}) and then decided to shove all-in. Ayow and Beifuhs both called him, and Henriksson guessed that he had better save his chips for another day. A wise decision as it transpired when the {K♠} arrived on the turn, eliminating the unlucky Robinson and crushing Beifuhs.

Selected UKIPT Edinburgh Chip Counts

Ayow finished the day with 80,800 chips – in eleventh position and more than 50,000 chips behind Haitao “Colin” Wu – but with luck like that, expect to see him still in contention come Sunday. Other players who may also be joining him are:-

1 Haitao “Colin” Wu 138,500
2 Thomas Ward 118,200
3 David Vamplew 108,000
4 Craig Brown PokerStars Qualifier 103,800
5 Robert Swindells 101,400
6 Richard Callaghan PokerStars Qualifier 100,800
7 Alex Jobling 98,900
8 Jamie Dale 90,500
9 Chris Moneymaker 89,800
10 David Ferris 87,500
11 Kevin Ayow 80,800
12 John Wallace 80,100
20 Phil Stockwell 66,000
23 Daniel Mar Palsson PokerStars Qualifier 59,500
26 George Devine PokerStars Qualifier 55,000
27 Keith Hawkins 53,500
29 Annette O`Carroll PokerStars Qualifier 51,000
31 Jake Cody 48,700
37 Jamie Burland 43,000
38 Ian Bruce PokerStars Qualifier 42,100

Looking Ahead to Day 1B

The play recommences again today at noon, with last year´s UKIPT Edinburgh winner – Nick Abu Risk (who also won the UKIPT Galway in December)– looking to achieve back-to-back successes in the event. He will be joined by a host of other Stars from the poker world and many of the part-time players who have qualified through UKIPT satellites on PokerStars. It looks like it is going to be a fantastic weekend of poker in Edinburgh.