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GUKPT Grand Final Title Goes to Fabian Quoss

Posted by Andy on December 05, 2011 at 1:50 BST

Fabian Quoss Wins GUKPT Grand TitleGerman Fabian Quoss survived a momentous battle to secure £138,750 for winning the Grosvenor United Kingdom Poker Tour (GUKPT) Grand Final in London.

Fabian Quoss beat England’s Triple Crown holder Jake Cody in a 40-minute head-to-head at the £2,500+ £125 ($3,917/€2,908+$196/€145) buy-in No-Limit Hold’em main event at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino.

Cody – the youngest Triple Crown holder following his success at event #2, a $25,000 No-Limit Heads-Up tournament, at the 2011 World Series of Poker (WSOP) for $851,192, following earlier title triumphs at the European Poker Tour (EPT) Deauville and World Poker Tour (WPT) London – could not retain his chip lead when heads-up and eventually lost out to Nuremberg’s Quoss.

Quoss has produced more than a few wonderful results of late, with his GUKPT title success adding to the $130,380 winner’s cheque he collected in August for taking down the €1,600 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em main event at the German Championship of Poker (GCOP).

Lalit Khajuria exited in third place for £59,700, although he did produce a battling performance to stay in contention even though he was short stack during most of three-handed play.

Rochdale’s Cody emerged as the chip leader with 2.9 million when three-handed after chopping Quoss down to 1.6 million, while Londoner Khajuria was the short stack on just 350,000.

But Khajuria showed great determination to fight back up to 1.6 million just a quarter-of-an-hour into level 22 after doubling-up through Cody when calling his rival’s all-in raise. Khajuria showed jacks to dominate Cody’s tens and stayed ahead to reduce the latter’s stack to just over two million.

However, Khajuria was quickly left as the short stack again on approximately 650,000 following another match-up with Cody.

On the button, Cody raised it up to 85,000 on a flop of Q♣ Q♠ 10, with Khajuria – in the small blind – making the call.

The Kh arrived on the turn and Khajuria checked, before Cody placed 200,000 into the pot, to once again receive a call from his rival.

In the dark, Khajuria tapped out a check as the 5s came on the river. But Cody placed 300,000 into the pot and was quickly called by Khajuria.

Cody revealed Q 9 for three queens and Khajuria threw his hand away, stating that he had A-K.

Cody then called a pre-flop all-in from Khajuria to show K-Q against K♠ 8♠. Cody was on course to secure a heads-up clash with Quoss, but the first card of the flop was an eight and Khajuria doubled-up again to 1.2 million.

Level 23 arrived soon after, with the blinds at 15,000 and 30,000 with 3,000 antes – and it wasn’t long before Khajuria’s opposition was finally ended.

With Quoss taking down some big pots, Khajuria decided enough was enough with Q-J. But he was unlucky to encounter the pocket queens of Quoss and exited the main event in third spot.

Now down to just Day 1b standout Cody and Day 1a chip leader Quoss, the last hand of the tournament came less than half-an-hour into level 24.

Quoss, on the button, made it 80,000 to go, but was quickly to 210,000 by Cody. The German appeared unperturbed and re-raised to 450,000, which resulted in Cody moving all-in. Quoss quickly called to show A-Q as Cody revealed K-J.

Cody was a huge underdog and that’s how it all ended for the Englishman as two aces arrived on the flop to hand the German three queens. The turn was no help to Cody and the king on the river completed Quoss’s victory.

Englishman Jonas Ovestad was Day 3’s first elimination for £9,750 in ninth place and he was quickly followed by Nathan Watson for £13,400.

Londoner John Gale – a WSOP and WPT winner – exited in seventh for £18,300 after being bested by 2010 Irish Open winner James Mitchell.

Sixth place, as well as £23,150, went to another Londoner, Tamer Kamel, when he was beaten by Quoss, while Wimbledon’s Mitchell exited in fifth spot and £28,050 after losing out to Cody.

Alex Elias left the casino in fourth place with £36,550 when Quoss took him down soon after level 21 had begun.

What followed was a fantastic three-handed session that ultimately saw Quoss emerge victorious.

Day 2 witnessed the final table bubble being burst, with the unlucky 10th placed player being Jonathan Beck when his A-2 could not improve sufficiently to defeat Cody’s A-10. Beck picked up £8,550.

The cash bubble also arrived on Day 2 as Poland’s Marcin Wydrowski exited in 21st, so missed out on a £4,900 pay day.

Day 2 also saw players such as former England international footballer Teddy Sheringham, Andrew Seden, 2007 GUKPT Grand Final winner Mike Ellis and two-time WSOP bracelet winner Praz Bansi hit the rail.

Sheringham, who was hoping to join his former Millwall strike partner Tony Cascarino by landing a GUKPT Grand Final success, and Dave Barnes were eliminated in the same hand as Cody secured a full house.

The GUKPT is back in January with the first stop of the tour arriving in Manchester from the 23rd to 29th. We will definitely be in attendance to keep you right up to date.

Top 10 placings and payouts at the GUKPT Grand Final:

1. Fabian Quoss (Germany) – £138,750

2. Jake Cody (UK) – £96,300

3. Lalit Khajuria (UK) – £59,700

4. Alex Elias (UK) – £36,550

5. James Mitchell (UK) – £28,050

6. Tamer Kamel (UK) – £23,150

7. John Gale (UK) – £18,300

8. Nathan Watson (UK) – £13,400

9. Jonas Ovestad (UK) – £9,750

10. Jonathan Beck (UK) – £8,550