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GUKPT Luton Led by Georges Tohme

Posted by Anthony on August 21, 2011 at 11:41 BST

GUKPT Luton 2011Georges Tohme, UK poker circuit regular and winner of the London Paradise Poker Tour in December 2009, takes a healthy lead into Day 2 of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour Main Event in Luton. Despite having the misfortune to be drawn on a tough table which included last year´s GUKPT Luton winner, Neil Channing, Georges has almost 40,000 chips more than his nearest pursuer after two tiers of play on Day 1.

A Soft Tier 1A?

The format of the tournament meant that there were two Day1s – both played on the same day. Day 1A started at 12.00 noon and attracted 126 entries, whereas Day 1B commenced at 6.00pm with 88 buy-ins. A total of 81 players made it through to Day 2 of the GUKPT Luton (50 and 31 respectively) after 8 levels of play with those in the first tier much closer grouped in terms of chip counts than those who played later in the day.

Big Names at GUKPT Luton

If you had been one of those players taking an early seat, you might not have felt it was soft at all. Playing in the presence of James Akenhead, Praz Bansi (winner of GUKPT London), Andrew Teng and GUKPT Walsall winner Alan Mansbridge might have led you to believe that you should have turned up for the second tier, but those who arrived for the 6.00pm start found Jake Cody, Julian Thew, Matt Perrins, Sam Razavi, Neil Channing, and EPT winners Roberto Romanello and Liv Boeree waiting for them!

Top Hands of the Day

One of the unluckiest players to be eliminated on Day 1 was Allan McLean. This GUKPT regular, with two final table appearances in GUKPT Main Events and a host of side events triumphs, got all-in with K 10 on a flop of 10♠ 10♣ 4 against Guy Barron´s K K♣. It looked good for Allan when the 3♠ dropped on the turn, but the K♠ on the river gave Barron the better boat and sent (sailed?) Allan to the rail.

Katie Swift (nee O¨Connor) probably couldn´t believe her luck (!) to be seated at the same table as Julian Thew and Jake Cody, and couldn´t believe Julian´s luck as he sent her to the rail holding 6 3♣ on a board that ran 6 A♠ 10 / 6♣ / 3. Guess when you are running well, you just get all the luck! Julian later busted out Jake when his pocket fours caught a set on the flop and took out Jake´s AK.

Chip leaders and Selected Chip Counts

As mentioned above, Georges Tohme, sets a blistering pace going into Day 2, but there is still plenty of action to happen at the GUKPT Luton 2011, and plenty of top UK poker players in with a chance of collecting the valuable first prize.

1 Georges Tohme 142,300
2 Tony Curant 101,550
3 Iaran Lightbourne 103,625
4 Andrew Feldman 101,175
5 David Barraclough 89,950
6 Toby Lewis 89,925
7 Charles Chatta 83,800
8 Tony Bedford 83,350
9 Jonathon Weekes 77,000
10 George Hassabis 71,550
Sam Razavi 60,550
Praz Bansi 58,475
James Akenhead 50,100
Julian Thew 40,250
Matt Perrins 39,600
Andrew Teng 32,250
Alan Mansbridge 19,950
Guy Baron 12,475

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