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GUKPT Walsall Main Event Updates

Posted by David Cowell on July 27, 2010 at 11:05 GMT

83 Runners in day 1a of the £1000 GUKPT Main Event in Walsall and after 9 levels of play they we’re down to 25 who return on Saturday, Day 1b is Today (Friday 26th Feb) All the usual suspect are there but a few notables were not to make it through to day 2. Roberto Romanello was allin against Karl Mahrenholz with 10 10 Vs Karl’s A Q and when Karl hit the board it was goodbye to Roberto.

Despite bouncing around with the size of his stack we still believe the best player there and the one we think deserves it the most is Karl Mahrenholz, a member of the notorious hit squad, he could have went slightly mad at one point when according to the GUKPT Blog a hand against James Mitchell saw it go raise, re-raise, re-re-raise all-in and call, James had JACKS and Karl 6 deuce off-suit, needless to say he lost that one!!

Michael Greco is still in the mix along with fellow game on player Marc Goodwin, Gerome Bradpeice who’s well known on the GUKPT circuit is near the bottom of the pile but still there.

Around 110+ players are expected to start on day 1b which will see the total prize pool around the £200,000 mark.

Chip Counts after day 1a are below

James Mitchell  – 161,500
James Keys  – 101,200
Anthony Crotty  – 83,800
Toby Lewis  – 74,600
Michael Greco  – 61,500
Karl Mahrenholz  – 58,600
Mark Wilson  – 57,400
Desmond Jonas  – 52,500
Marc Goodwin  – 51,000
Stephen Pearce  – 49,400
Raymond Power  – 45,600
Pawel Zielony  – 44,800
Haitao (Colin) Wu  – 43,800
Stephen Holden  – 42,300
Richard Trigg  – 39,200
William Defty  – 37,700
Ali Sarkeshik  – 36,200
Robert Ellis  – 33,500
Steve Brown  – 33,100
Dennis Troake  – 31,000
Colin McTaggart  – 25,100
Antoni Romanello  – 25,100
Jerome Bradpiece  – 22,100
David Mitchell  – 19,500
Gregory Dyett  – 12,100