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Improve Your Rewards on 888 Poker

Posted by David Cowell on April 10, 2011 at 7:48 GMT

Poker tournament players always seem to get a rough deal when it comes to earning the points needed to clear bonuses and get loyalty rewards on poker sites. A player, paying $20.00 + $2.00 to enter a tournament, will earn only a fraction of the “frequent player points” that another player who takes $22.00 to a cash ring game will.

Admittedly, tournament players contribute significantly less rake than cash ring game players, but it is the big tournaments which gain the poker playing public’s attention and drives business to their sites. Furthermore, the tournament players at the lower buy-ins today, are the players of the big tournaments tomorrow, and so should not be allowed to become disenchanted when failing to reach bonus plateaus.

The Importance of Bonus Plateaus

Most online poker sites have “parallel” loyalty systems to reward players for the amount of time and money they spend on their site. These systems allocate so many points per dollar raked (or paid in tournament fees) and the same points value is allocated in a rewards program. Bonus plateaus are the reward levels which multiply the frequent player points received.

Here is an example courtesy of 888 Poker –

888 Poker allocate two “Status Points” per dollar raked or paid in fees. Their parallel system is called “Reward Points”, and for every thousand reward points you get, you can exchange them for $10.00 (or exchange them for 888 branded goods in their shop – somebody must do it!).

Level                Status Points Req            Reward Points Multiplier
Blue                            0                                                1
Bronze                      10                                               1
Silver                      500                                              2
Gold                      1500                                          4.5
Platinum              4500                                             9

A regular poker tournament player on 888 Poker should make the “Silver” bonus plateau without too much difficulty each month, and thereby qualify for a $10.00 bonus (500 “Status Points” x 2 for getting to Silver Status). Imagine though if you earned the 500 points required to make Silver Status, but got rewarded at Platinum level!

How to Improve Your Rewards on 888 Poker

888 Poker operates the same points policy as most other poker sites and make no distinction between points earned in ring games and those from the buy-in fee of a multi table poker tournament. However, they host six tournaments each day in which poker tournament players can win an automatic elevation to a higher rewards level.

These tournaments can be found in the regular tournament lobby under the names of “Silver Dollar” (buy-in $1.10), “Gold Rush” (buy-in $5.50) and “Platinum Record” (buy-in $16.50) and the status to which the winner will be promoted is obvious by the name of the game. There is no premium to enter these games, so they are just like regular freezeout multi table poker tournaments.

The status levels offered as prizes in these tournament are set for the month in which you win and also for the month after. Therefore, if you won a “Gold Rush” tournament on the 5th May, you would have “Gold Status” (and a 4.5 bonus multiplier) throughout the months of May and June.

Strangely though, the tournaments attract fewer entrants than regular multi table poker tournaments and can often be single table events during off-peak periods. This represents a great opportunity for poker tournament players on 888 Poker to improve their rewards status and take advantage of the huge cash benefits that being a player at a higher reward level brings. –