UK Poker Player Poker News Josh Arieh Leads the Player´s Championship to the Bubble

Josh Arieh Leads the Player´s Championship to the Bubble

Posted by Anthony on July 05, 2011 at 1:27 BST

Josh AriehWith only 29 players remaining in the $50,000 WSOP Player´s Championship (Event 55), Josh Arieh leads a formidable pack in the quest for one of the most prestigious WSOP Bracelets in the series plus a first place prize of $1,720,328. Arieh, who already has two WSOP bracelets to his name and finished 3rd in the Main Event in 2004, has an almost 200,000 chip advantage over second placed Brian Rast and half a million chips more than third positioned George Lind, after capturing a monster three-way pot mid-way through the day.

Phil Hellmuth Shooting for Bracelet Number 12

In the strong field that remains, a total of fourteen have already won WSOP bracelets and a further five have collected more than $1 million in WSOP cashes. Phil Hellmuth will be happy with his day – doubling his chip stack to sit in fifth position – while overnight leader from Day 2 and leader of the WSOP Player of the Year rankings, Ben Lamb, will regret making some early errors which saw his chip stack slip to below 300,000 before recovering to 582,000.

Those Who Will Not Be Champion This Year

Day 3 (of 5) of this event was always going to be a tough one, with marginal decisions required and tournaments lives put on the rack throughout the day. Those who we won´t see back at the tables tonight include 2011 bracelet winners Fabrice Soulier and Bertrand Grospellier – and sadly UK poker player Matt Ashton. Greg Mueller, Erick Lindgren, Eugene Katchalov, Justin Smith and Abe Mosseri were among other notable players to be eliminated in a day which saw some big swings in fortune for Gus Hansen.

Gus Hansen has Big Hands

Overnight second-placed Gus Hansen seemed to be involved in the vast majority of significant pots. For much of the day he was chip leader after taking out Alexey Makarov in the Pot Limit Omaha round with a flush on the turn, crippling Chad Brown in the Limit Hold´em when his two pair were too strong for Brown´s mucked hand and busting David Bach with quad kings in a later round of PLO. However, the “Great Dane” also had some big hands go against him including a huge loss of chips to Jon “PearlJammer” Turner in the Limit Hold´em when Turner flopped a full house. Gus Hanson will start Day 4 in eleventh position with 774,000 chips after having well over 1.2 million earlier in the day.

Chip Counts

The Chip Counts for the 29 players remaining in the Poker Player´s Championship are as follows:

Player Nationality Chips
1 Josh Arieh USA 1,819,000
2 Brian Rast USA 1,633,000
3 George Lind USA 1,304,000
4 Vladimir Shchemelev Serbia 1,181,000
5 Phil Hellmuth USA 1,174,000
6 Scott Seiver USA 1,137,000
7 Jason Lester USA 948,000
8 Jon Turner USA 948,000
9 Yan Chen USA 887,000
10 Shaun Deeb USA 876,000
11 Gus Hansen Monaco 774,000
12 Minh Ly USA 715,000
13 Sebastian Ruthenberg Germany 625,000
14 Ben Lamb USA 582,000
15 Marco Johnson USA 570,000
16 Sebastien Sabic France 550,000
17 Robert Mizrachi USA 500,000
18 Barry Greenstein USA 440,000
19 Roman Yitzhaki USA 429,000
20 Jeffrey Lisandro Italy 330,000
21 David Baker USA 277,000
22 Michael Binger USA 274,000
23 Matt Glantz USA 259,000
24 Alexandre Luneau France 251,000
25 Rami Boukai USA 208,000
26 David Oppenheim USA 159,000
27 Doug Booth USA 158,000
28 Owais Ahmed USA 156,000
29 Phil Galfond USA 74,000


Quote of the Day

Quote of the day came from WSOP regular Jonathan “FatalError” Aguiar, who tweeted that “Celebrating “independence” seems pretty LOL this year considering if the British had won we would still have online poker”. Nice One!