UK Poker Player Poker News Ladbrokes Poker Signs Boyzone Pop Star & Motor Racing Champ Shane Lynch

Ladbrokes Poker Signs Boyzone Pop Star & Motor Racing Champ Shane Lynch

Posted by David Cowell on July 27, 2010 at 8:50 BST

shane lynchYou know Shane Lynch, Irish pop star, don’t you? Or how about Shane Lynch, automobile racing enthusiast? If you’re from the UK, surely you’ve heard of the man for one of his vocations (or avocations).

And now, you’re about to be introduced to a new face of the man of many faces, that being Shane Lynch the poker star, thanks to a deal between self-professed poker lover and one of the UK’s top poker sites, Ladbrokes Poker.

Most people have heard of the majorly tattooed, body pierced, and otherwise eccentric 33-year-old personality for his role in the band Boyzone. (You may also be familiar with his two sisters, twins Keavy and Edele Lynch, from the girl band B*Witched.)

Shane Lynch is also known for his involvement in motor racing, most spectacularly winning the Portuguese BMX Championship at only 14 years of age, and more recently for his participation in Drifting, the fastest rising motor sport in the UK.

Ladbrokes Poker, meanwhile, has long been associated with both the band Boyzone and with Drifting, so it only makes logical sense that the figurehead for both become a Ladbrokes Poker sposnored pro.

UK online poker and gambling behemoth Ladbrokes calls Shane their “ambassador” to potential new online poker players everywhere of different ages and poker playing abilities who may not otherwise have been aware of the ease with which they can get into the game and get in on the fun.

Shane first became a presence in the poker world at the Ladbrokes Irish Poker Festival in 2008 at Killarney. Fans can expect to see him playing in many more live poker tournaments, including in Las Vegas at the 2010 World Series of Poker.

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