UK Poker Player Poker News Latest updates on UK Poker Players at WSOP 2011 + Negreanu Goes on Full Tilt!

Latest updates on UK Poker Players at WSOP 2011 + Negreanu Goes on Full Tilt!

Posted by David Cowell on June 18, 2011 at 11:38 GMT

Opportunities Missed; Friday was a day of missed opportunities, no more so than for Mike “Party Poker” Sexton, who blew a 2:1 chip advantage in the early stages of his Heads Up battle against Chris “PiMaster” Viox in the final stages of the Stud Hi/Lo Championship (Event 25). Had he won, it would have only Sexton´s second WSOP bracelet – coming 22 years after his only success to date, ironically in this very same event. Maybe Sexton should spend more time working on his end-game and less sending out soliciting emails on behalf of his sponsor!

UK poker player Chris Moorman was unlucky to see his KJ turned over by eventual winner Oleksii Kovalchuk´s inside draw to finish third in the No Limit 6 Handed Championship (Event 26). Chris collected $271,800 for his splendid effort and, with seven other UK poker players cashing in this $2,500 buy-in event, there are plenty of Yankee dollars heading back over to this side of the pond.

Darren Woods – attempting to claim his second Fixed Limit Hold´em WSOP bracelet within a week – took a big knock to his chip stack just 15 minutes before the end of Day 2 and started the final day of the $10,000 Limit Hold´em Championship (Event 27) in ninth position of the fifteen players that remained. Sadly little went Darren´s way during Day 3 and he was eliminated in eleventh position. The winner of the tournament – Canadian Daniel Idema – was runner up in this event in 2010, so in one respect it was not missed opportunities for everybody.

There were 8 cashes by UK poker players in the $1,500 No Limit Hold´em Championship (Event 28) , but none large enough to require Securicor to transport their winnings home, and with the exception of one lone Canadian (Shawn Buchanan) the 10 Game Mix Championship (Event 29) has been dominated by American poker players. Veteran UK Poker Player, Andy Bradshaw, got out of jail on Day 1 of the Old Timers NLHE Championship (Event 30) when a king on the river gave him trips against AA and will be amongst the chip leaders when Day 2 of this event commences, and there are plenty of familiar names among the 150 players left remaining in the $3,000 Pot Limit Omaha Championship (Event 30) which started late on Friday night.

Role Reversal!

An incredible event happened during the $10,000 Limit Hold´em event – Daniel Negreanu went on full tilt! Mr Geniality himself had started Day 2 of the event with a healthy chip lead, but lady luck had not smiled on him throughout the proceedings. When play was down to the last three tables, an already twitchy Negreanu lost a monster pot to Steve Landfish on the river. Shooting up from the table in disgust, Negreanu tipped his chair over and smashed his quadzillion dollar headphones on the floor.

Silently reclaiming his seat (but not his composure!), Negreanu tried to rescue his game with just 20,000 chips remaining – just two big blinds. Unfortunately things got worse, as he committed his stack on an As Qc hand against Tam Hangs Ts 9s. The flop came out Jc Jh Qs, giving Negreanu two pairs and putting a smile on his face. The smile broadened as Js on the turn gave Negreanu a full house, but the expression on his face turned to disbelief as Ks was revealed on the river to give Tam a straight flush. Practically drop kicking the table in his frustration, walked away from the table and straight out of the room – later tweeting that he was “ready to break stuff”.

In comparison, Phil “Poker Brat” Hellmuth has been an absolute gentleman this week (well nearly). After paying exceptional compliments to John Juanda, after Juanda denied Hellmuth a twelfth WSOP bracelet in the 2-7 Lowball Championship, Hellmuth was practically quoting Samuel Pepys (“and so to bed”) in his gentle Twitter epistle last night after busting out of the Pot Limit Hold´em tournament within an hour. I wonder if he will sign on at PokerStars – that would be role reversal!