UK Poker Player Poker News Local Boy Baguley Brings Down House With UKIPT Nottingham Victory

Local Boy Baguley Brings Down House With UKIPT Nottingham Victory

Posted by Andy on April 17, 2012 at 12:27 BST

Robert BaguleyMaybe he is not so much of a boy anymore, but 60-year-old Robert Baguley from Leicester shook off the years and the over-whelming tournament favourite to capture the PokerStars sponsored UKIPT Nottingham and collect £210,400the biggest prize ever awarded in three years of the United Kingdom and Ireland Poker Tour.

Incredibly Baguley won his seat to the £700.00 + £70.00 buy-in Main Event by entering a £100.00 live satellite at the Dusk till Dawn last week – the only venue at which he has ever recorded a live poker tournament cash – and his victory in the UKIPT Main Event eclipses his previous biggest cash of £370.00 in last April´s Monte Carlo.

The Wheels Fall Off the Ahmed Train

Long time tournament leader, Iqbal Ahmed, had started the day with a commanding advantage over Baguley and the remaining six players from a total field of 1,626 entrants. However, he started leaking chips very quickly from the off – allowing Baguley to double up with a turned set of 9♠ and then doubling up Hasmukh Khodiyara ({A♥} {K♦}) when putting Khodiyara all-in while holding {8♣} {10♥}.

Barry McMahon was then next player to benefit from Ahmed´s generosity, when his {A♣} {Q♣} hit trips on the flop to master Ahmed´s {9♥} {9♣} and within 90 minutes Iqbal Ahmed had gone from chip leader to short-stack. His climb back up the leaderboard was slow and laboured, with only a double up against Khodiyara taking him off the bottom of the pack.

Senior, Cummings and Woodward First to Depart

Ian Senior – much to the disappointment of his “Senior Citizens” fan club – was the first player to depart when his {Q♥} {Q♣} was coolered by Grant Pirie´s {K♣} {K♠}. Pocket Kings was also the winning hand that saw the demise of James Cummings ({K♠} {J♥}) in seventh at the hands of Nick Woodward, but Woodward was the next player to leave the table – again against pocket Kings.

Before departing, Nick Woodward had doubled up Iqbal Ahmed when his {J♥} {J♦} failed to hold against Ahmed´s {A♣} {Q♥} and, with only a handful of big blinds in front of him, he called Grant Pirie´s pre-flop raise with Kings while holding {10♠} {5♠}. The board was completely devoid of spades and Woodward was out in sixth.

Ahmed Takes Out Three Players in the Space of Ten Hands

With his resurgent chip stack, the game rolled back in favour of Iqbal Ahmed. First he came from behind with {Q♥} {7♣} to knock out both Barry McMahon ({A♠} {6♠}) and Hasmukh Khodiyara ({K♣} {9♣}) in the same hand, and then called Grant Pirie´s ({A♠} {7♣}) shove with his own {A♦} {J♥} to take a 2:1 chip advantage over Robert Baguley into the heads-up.

Baguley had his own ideas about how the game was going to conclude and within two hands he had assumed the chip lead – first forcing a fold from Ahmed with a post-turn shove and then catching trip 7s to take Ahmed for 5 million chips. Another post-turn shove forced a further expensive Ahmed fold and, when the heads-up had been in progress for exactly one hour, it was all over.

With blinds of 100,000/200,000, Robert Baguley opened to 450,000 and Ahmed shoved all-in. Baguley made the call and was ahead pre-flop.

Baguley              {A♥} {10♦}

Ahmed                {J♥} {7♠}

The flop of {10♥} {4♠} {6♦} only cemented Baguley´s lead and the {6♠} on the turn and {K♣} on the river provided no help to Ahmed at all. Robert Baguley was the King of Nottingham and winner of £210,400.

UKIPT Nottingham Season Three Final Places and Prizes

Of the 1,626 players who took part in the UKIPT Nottingham Main Event, 207 paid a visit to the cashier´s desk. A total of £1,137,500 was paid out in prize money with the biggest earners being –





Robert Baguley



Iqbal Ahmed



Grant Pirie



Barry McMahon



Hasmukh Khodiyara



Nick Woodward



James Cummings



Ian Senior