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Lucky Ace Poker Bonus and Rewards

Posted by David Cowell on July 24, 2010 at 12:41 GMT

Lucky Ace Poker has one of the most forward thinking and user friendly reward structures in the world of online poker.

Their initial “Double Your Money” depositor’s bonus may only pay a maximum of $400, but it credits your account with 25% of your deposit immediately and gives you access to exclusive freeroll multi-table tournaments with $3.500 available in prize funds, plus a unique “Rewards Tournament” program.

The more you play on Lucky Ace Poker, the more “Status Points” you collect. The higher number of Status Points you acquire, the higher level of “Reward Tournament” you can enter, and the possibility exists for winners of these tournaments to elevate themselves to even higher levels.

For example; every player when they first join the site is allocated Bronze level, which entitles you to play in the “Silver Dollar” tournaments ($1.00 + $0.10 R/A) which are scheduled three times a day and offer normal cash rewards, but also promotes the winner to “Silver Standard”. Silver Standard Players enjoy an exclusive weekly $1.000 Guaranteed freeroll each week. From Silver level, the stages progress through Gold, Platinum and VIP – each higher level enjoying access to a monthly freeroll tournament with guaranteed prize funds of $4.000, $7.000 and $10.000.

Competent multi-table tournament players need not take such an arduous route to hit the top levels though. Three specific games on a Sunday are regular freezeout tournaments, offering normal cash prizes (buy-in is $15.00 + $1.50) and payout structure plus also allowing the winner to be instantly elevated to Platinum status and the enhanced rakeback and bonus multipliers that the Platinum status has attached to it.

Therefore, for competing in just one game, you could win instant access to a weekly $1.000 freeroll (silver level), plus the two monthly freeroll tournaments with a combined value of $11.000!

Added to this excellent system is the fact that Lucky Ace Poker is affiliated to the poker network – acknowledged as one of the fishiest sites on the web, with many undersubscribed multi-table tournaments.

The whole structure of the “Rewards Tournament” program, plus the level of competition that you are likely to face, suggests that you really should give Lucky Ace Poker careful consideration for your poker room of choice. – Lucky Ace Poker Review