UK Poker Player Poker News Mad Marvin Rettenmaier Leads WPT “May 9”

Mad Marvin Rettenmaier Leads WPT “May 9”

Posted by Andy on May 24, 2012 at 3:40 BST

Marvin RettenmaierWPT “May 9” may not have the same catchy ring to it as the WSOP´s November equivalent, but Marvin Rettenmaier will not care about what the climax of the World Poker Tour Season X is called when he wakes up in the morning and takes a look at the WPT World Championship leaderboard.

Rettenmaier has a healthy lead over Michael Mizrachi – with the two players holding more than a third of chips in play.

Rettenmaier Continues What He Started

Rettenmaier started Day 5 of the WPT Word Championship with a sizeable lead over his 18 opponents and, with just one elimination required before the bubble was burst, wasted no time in chipping up against lesser stacked players. Within 30 minutes of play he had bust out Josh Arieh when his {K♥} {K♣} hit a set on the turn and at the end of the day´s second level took a chunk out of Mizrachi´s stack.

Shortly after the break, Rettenmaier took an uncontested million chip pot from Nick Schulman and, after flip-flopping pots with Mizrachi again, eliminated Joe Serock ({9♠} {9♥}) in tenth when a King on the turn (again) paired with his opening hand of {A♦} {K♣}. Serock had the consolation of finishing high enough in the tournament to take the Player of the Year lead from Will Fallia, but could still be overtaken in the leaderboard competition if Moon Kim can finish third or better (currently sixth).

Mizrachi Has a Roller-Coaster Day

Michael Mizrachi likes to be involved in as much action as possible; but he may have wished he had held back a little at the start of Day 5. Starting the day with over a million chips, he first allowed Farzad Bonyadi to double through him and then made Steve O´Dwyer a generous contribution to his chip stack. Although he got revenge on Bonyadi when eliminating him in seventeenth place, he lost more than half a million chips to Moon Kim before twice allowing Philippe Ktorza to double through him in the space of fifteen minutes.

Mizrachi climbed back over a million chip stack when coming from behind to eliminate Tom McCormick in fourteenth and, when the table became ten-handed, took an unlikely lead in the space of five consecutive hands.

  1. Hand One: Took 300,000 chips from Joe Serock after Serock folded to Mizrachi´s river bet
  2. Hand Two: Took 170,000 chips from chip leader Hafiz Khan when hitting a nut flush on the river
  3. Hand Three:  Raised by 7x the Big Blind pre-flop and took down the pot without opposition
  4. Hand Four: Played with his chips and took no part in the hand
  5. Hand Five: Doubled up with {A♦} {Q♦} against Hafiz Khan ({J♦} {J♠}) when hitting top pair on the flop and trips on the turn. Was chip leader at this point until Rettenmaier eliminated Serock.

Looking Ahead to Day 6

Five days down – 2 to go. Day 6 is likely to be a shorter day than Day 5, with the WPT “May 9” playing down to a “final table” of six (although all the players are on one table now). With blinds starting at 30K/60K (ante 5K), those most at risk are Philippe Ktorza, Trevor Pope and Wil Wilkinson, but should Hafiz Khan´s fall from a great height continue – or Mizrachi experience another roller-coaster day – anything could happen.

Chip Counts for WPT World Championship Day 5





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Michael Mizrachi



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Hafiz Khan



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