UK Poker Player Poker News Max Lykov Gives Opponents a Head Start and a Thrashing

Max Lykov Gives Opponents a Head Start and a Thrashing

Posted by Anthony on July 07, 2011 at 11:59 GMT

Max LykovThe $1,000 NLHE Championship (Event 54) at the World Series of Poker has been remarkable for the way in which players have rushed to get rid of their chips as quickly as possible. The tournament, which had 4,576 entries, was scheduled to last four days and possibly could have been completed in two and a half – such was the urgency players showed to get themselves eliminated. However, not turning up to the final table – especially when you are overnight chip leader – was a new one, even for this game!

That is exactly what happened to Max Lykov, who rolled in halfway through the first level and then produced a commanding performance to clear the final table in less than four and a half hours. Only UK poker player Warren Wooldridge seemed to put up any sort of opposition to the storming man from Moscow – first doubling up when his J♠ J was too strong for Lykov´s A♣ 6♣, and then forcing big folds from the Russian with some aggressive betting.

Cruelly, Warren was eliminated in third place when he shoved his A♣ J pre-flop against Lykov´s A 9 – the flop showing T♦ 9 7 and Warren getting no help on the turn or river. Lykov quickly ran through Dror Michaelo in the Heads Up to claim Russia´s fourth bracelet of the series and $648,880 first prize.

$1,000 NLHE Championship (Event 54) Result

Player Nationality Prize $
1 Maxim Lykov Russia 648,880
2 Dror Michaelo USA 401,296
3 Warren Wooldridge England 288,946
4 Ren Ho Zhang Canada 213,539
5 Harald Olsen Norway 159,134
6 Stanislav Alekhin Russia 119,598
7 Douglas MacKinnon USA 90,604
8 Joshua Evans USA 69,230
9 Sebastien Roy Canada 53,333


Bad and Good for UK Poker Players

Event 56 of the WSOP gave Texas Hold´em players their last opportunity to get accustomed to the surroundings at the Rio Casino before the first day of the Main Event. 3,389 players entered the $1,500 NLHE Championship, and by the end of Day 2 we were just down to 42. Overnight chip leader is Las Vegas “local” Gavin Smith and with none of the British players excelling, our hopes for a fourth bracelet (before the Main Event) rest with the UK poker players in the $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Championship (Event 57).

Ram Vaswani was twice unlucky to get eliminated just inside the bubble, but England´s Bjorn Verbakel and Peter Charalambous remain in the twenty five players who will contest the final day. Ireland´s Padraig Parkinson has been among the chip leaders for much of the tournament, and he will also hope for a good showing tonight. Overnight chip count looks like this:-

Table 1

Seat Player Chips
1 Nick Schulman 722,000
2 Padraig Parkinson 36,000
3 Kirill Rabtsov 115,000
4 Trevor Reader 292,000
5 Tobias Hausen 439,000
6 Brett Wheeler 157,000
7 Allen Kessler 568,000
8 David Sands 110,000
9 Phil Laak 319,000

Table 2

Seat Player Chips
1 Nick Binger 303,000
2 Igor Sharaskin 99,000
3 Bjorn Verbakel 261,000
4 Peter Levine 112,000
5 Raymond Dehkarghani 266,000
6 Joseph Marchal 15,000
7 Bryce Yockey 323,000
8 Austin Marks 230,000

Table 3

Seat Player Chips
1 Alexander Dovzhenko 103,000
2 Marcelo Costa 182,000
3 David Bach 310,000
4 Fabrizio Gonzalez 100,000
5 Anders Taylor 135,000
6 Grayson Nichols 90,000
7 Peter Charalambous 134,000
8 Lee Watkinson 111,000