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Maximizing Your Returns from SNGs

Posted by David Cowell on July 19, 2010 at 10:29 BST

sit n go roiSngs are a great way of making money in online poker. Running every couple of minutes in various stakes at the popular poker rooms, Sngs are an increasingly popular variety of game and activity. While most players claim using the right in game strategies will make you successful, the following article offers a few tips and advice on how to maximize your returns on them.

What Rate of Return? (ROI)

One of the most important questions people ask in establishing their competency at Sngs is what their average rate of return or ROI is. ROI can be calculated by taking your net profit from sngs divided by the entry fee x100 to give a percentage. For example, playing 10x$10 Sngs and making a net profit of $50 would give you an estimable return of 50%.

When aiming for a decent ROI however, the truth is there are other considerations to take into account. Making the most from Sngs isn’t just about maximizing your ROI as many might think. It’s actually about striking a balance between a decent ROI figure and playing at the highest level possible yielding the greatest returns.

For example, receiving a 50% ROI at $5 Sngs will earn you less profit overall than a 30% ROI at $20 entry level. Overall it is suggested anything above 20% ROI in sngs is good for a solid poker player, with anything above 50% ROI bordering on the unnatural. Of course many will say however, anything above 0% is good.

My advice when aiming for a decent rate of return, is to move up the levels once you have a big enough bankroll and are getting a 35%+ rate of return. This shows the competency, ability and profitability to move up a level and increase your potential earnings at a higher stake.

Got to Learn to Multi-Table

Ask every professional online poker player and they’ll tell you multi-tabling’s important. Why? Because it enables you to earn more money in the same space of time. Improving your efficiency and productivity is key to earning more money in sngs. If you can handle twice as many tables at a time, than you’ll circumstantially be making twice as much.

When learning to multi-table, I strongly recommend increasing the number of games you play one at a time i.e. from one table to two, three tables to four etc. Cutting corners in poker can damage your game in the short term.

While it may seem cool to show off to your friends on a 40 inch screen 10-tabling Ivey-style, the truth is you’ll find this difficult without practice. That being said however, you should always be looking to add that extra dimension and edge to your game by playing more tables simultaneously.

Sng Bankroll Management

Another important concept is bankroll management. In sngs you should have a total bankroll to cover at least 30-50 buy-ins. Depending on your style of play, this can be slightly more or less, but for new players I’d suggest a round figure of 40. Also importantly, remember that if you’re able to play at a higher level with respect to your ability and bankroll, you’re actually under-optimising your rate of return. This is because you could be playing at a higher level and earning more. Likewise is your playing at a level outside your bankroll jurisdiction than you’re not insuring yourself against variance and bad beats.

Lastly, Take Advantage of Deposit Bonuses

Many view deposit bonuses as just for new players. However whatever stage your at in your poker career, you should always be looking to take advantage of bonuses. Many poker rooms offer up to $600 free cash for example. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that? Regularly changing rooms and taking advantage of deposit bonuses will also benefit you by speculating the different level of competition at various rooms and see which is most profitable to you!