UK Poker Player Blog Posts & Reports My Break from Poker is almost over!

My Break from Poker is almost over!

Posted by David Cowell on July 20, 2010 at 12:28 BST

I’ve played very little poker for Months now, November was the last time i played live at the GUKPT Blackpool and that was just a side event, as for online I simply haven’t had the time at all. I’m a bit gutted about it all to be honest so it’s almost time to get back in the ring and hit the virtual felt once again!

Out of sheer boredom last night i played 30 mins of cash and was in profit for the princely sum of $8, then i played my old faithful H.O.R.S.E tournament and got a run of the shittiest beats ever, i also tried the UKIPT satellite which is a $8.88 re-buy game (£5.50ish) which is a really poor structure, can’t complain it’s only a fiver though ehh!

So even though i only played for a short while and things ran badly, i enjoyed it and need to get back to it asap. I’ve just been so busy of late that actually playing seemed impossible, for those who know me well enough being busy isn’t top of my priorities by any means, i like to leave things until the last minuet before doing them and then do them in record breaking time. I’ve tried to change that and be a bit more organised but it’s just not for me!!!

Recently I’ve been busy with this UK Poker site and writing a few things for a magazine which has been interesting/boring, I’ve never worked for anyone else since I was 18 and now at 33 I’m not about to start answering to the man as it were, deadlines and stuff like that are of no use to me at all!

So as soon as i can i’m back off to the cash games on lucky ace poker and hitting the pokerstars tournaments pretty hard, albeit at a low buyin. Sticking to the games i know i can win is a good idea but ego might push me higher, but that’s just the way I like it anyway.

I need some live games also but luckily there’s a lot coming up as you ca see on the new tournament calendar which is almost complete, I think that is an excellent way to plan any trips but I’m biased 🙂

We should have a sponsored player report shortly from the gukpt Bolton, sponsorship deals are still in the offering and more will become available soon. Private leagues may or may not be back on the agenda, there a lot of work and so far it’s cost me around £6000 but were enjoyable. The money side of it as in costing me money isn’t a big deal, i have made a lot of money from poker over the past Years so i see it as giving something back, that’s what i tell the missus anyway!

That’s all from me, the sites about to take off properly soon with more UK Poker News, strategy, schedules and much more. Something is added everyday so there’s always something to read.

Catch ya later people!