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No bluffing, Strip Poker Players Have Nothing to Hide

Posted by Anthony on November 24, 2011 at 1:13 BST

Strip PokerMany of us will be extremely reluctant to expose our weaknesses when playing poker, but an even greater number will most certainly not wish to lay bare our bodies.

While it’s tough enough admitting to flaws in our poker strategy or skills, how would you feel getting naked for total strangers to ogle? It’s not for me, that’s definite.

I’m more than willing to get naked in front of my wife – and I’m sure the majority of you feel the same way about your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend.

But would I consider losing more than the shirt off my back in order to win a hand of poker? Well, no.

That is, however, what American artist Zefrey Throwell and a collection of his comfortable-in-their-bodies friends did – and much more – when getting together to take part in a week-long game of strip poker in New York that came to a conclusion at the weekend.

Throwell had a simple strategy for the game, saying: “I asked players to show up with whatever they wanted – clothes equal currency. Wear layers, that was the advice they were given.”

Dispensing with all their physical fears and health hang-ups, Throwell and Co gave this performance art piece in view of the public from 10.30am until 6pm each of seven days. It was more of taking the smooth with the buff than making an impressive and brave bluff.

But Throwell wasn’t out just to shock passersby as his project, named I’ll Raise You One, with a serious social message being presented at the storefront of Art in General in the Tribeca neighbourhood of the Big Apple.

Throwell, who was speaking to art and culture website, explained his aims for the installation, saying: “I see it as an economic and social critique of how society has its wealth distributed.”

A renowned artist, Throwell is definitely not averse to using nudity to make his point, with project Ocularpation: Wall Street featuring naked performers miming Wall Street workers.

He and his friends are braver than me. But maybe the strength of character they displayed during those seven days of nakedness is to be applauded. It’s certainly a brave act…and also makes it (almost!) impossible to secret away any extra cards.