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Our Poker News Team

At UK Poker Player we pride ourselves on having an excellent team of writers based not just in the UK but across Europe and the World. This helps us to keep our readers up to date with all the latest updates and news on all things poker related, no matter where it may be happening.

Anthony Mace – Owner of UK Poker Player and the full time main writer/editor of the tournament schedules and news articles featured on the web site.

Born and bred in the United Kingdom and very proud of what the web site offers to its readers. An avid poker fan and regular online poker player who loves nothing more than to play the bigger live games when he has the time.

Andy K. – Professional Writer living in Marbella

Andy lives on Spain’s sunshine coast with a long-suffering wife and a very spoilt dog. He discovered poker whilst working in the Spanish real estate industry, when he and his colleagues had to find something to do when the market crashed and the phones stopped ringing. Plays his online poker mostly on PokerStars, and appreciates intelligent and witty UK Poker Players such as JP Kelly and Victoria Coren.

Karen Slater – Researcher and writer for UK Poker Player.

Karen is our main researcher and puts together a list of topics and news which needs to be included on our web site to enhance users reading. A real asset to our team keeping us organized, and she makes a nice cuppa tea. karen is also responsible for writing a wide range of news stories which appear on the site.

To get in touch with any of the above staff please email and place the persons name in the title.

Press Releases:

All press releases must be sent directly to our editor using the contact details listed below. Please note your press releases will be subject to a strict review before publication. Press releases may in some cases be changed prior to publication if we deem it appropriate. You must include full contact details including a business phone number for any press release to be accepted by UK Poker Player.

We are quite strict so please do not be offended if your submitted press release is not published on the site.

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