UK Poker Player Poker News Philipp Gruissem Tops London´s Hi-Rollers

Philipp Gruissem Tops London´s Hi-Rollers

Posted by Andy on October 07, 2011 at 5:23 BST

Philipp GruissemGerman poker player Philipp Gruissem came from last-to-first to claim the EPT London Hi-Rollers Event at the Hilton Metropole Hotel last night. Starting the day in seventh position of the final eight players, Gruissem was quickly demoted to last place when Michael Tureniec blew his chips in the very first hand of the day, but handled the pressure well to storm up the table and beat compatriot Igor Kurganov in an intriguing heads-up.

Does Somebody Have a Plane to Catch?

With the Main Event of the WSOPE starting today, the players could have been excused for having one eye on the clock or maybe they were still hung over from the PokerStars party which had been hosted on Wednesday night.  Nonetheless, as well as Michael Tureniec, we lost Sam Trickett and Joel Nordkvist within the first hour of play, and it was not long until Adrian Bussman joined the watchers from the rail after hitting a set of fives, only to be busted by Gruissem´s full house.

Final Four Make a Deal

Play was halted for a considerable amount of time as the four remaining players – Gruissem, Kurganov, Olivier Busquet and Rob Akery – discussed how the remaining pot should be divided. The third and fourth players benefitted the most from the arrangements, but with so much money at stake (£1.45 million / $2.25 million) this was not surprising – particularly from Gruissem, who had worked his way up from last to be a narrow chip leader at this point.

Busquet and Akery Next to Go

Olivier Busquet was next to go in a Kurganov 1-2. First the German crippled the American when both players found two pairs on the board but Kurganov had the better kicker, and then Kurganov struck again almost immediately, calling Busquet´s {A♥} {Q♠} shove with {A♣} {K♦}. Rob Akery was now the short-stack, but must have thought he had the opportunity to improved his position when being dealt {A♣} {J♣}. Unfortunately Kurganov´s {Q♦} {Q♥} held against the UK poker player and he was eliminated in third.

Kurganov Leads into Heads-Up

With the double elimination of Busquet and Avery, Igor Kurganov had a healthy chip advantage going into the heads-up, but his good friend Gruissem, was not going to let him take the game without a fight. Three and four betting as soon as the heads-up began, Gruissem quickly drew level and then took the lead. Kurganov fought back with quad sixes, but Gruissem continued the aggression and, whether it was because he was being dealt no hands of value or was waiting for another premium hand, Kurganov saw his chip stack being eaten away.

Nines Do For Gruissem

Eventually Kurganov could wait no more. Shoving his remaining chips with {Q♦} {6♠}, he ran into Gruissem´s {9♣} {9♥} and, despite the {6♣} arriving on the flop, could not overtake the pocket pair – leaving Gruissem to add £450,200 to the €234,500 he won for victory in the hi-rollers event at EPT Barcelona and Kurganov commiserating with £318,330 to add to the €123,000 he won for coming second (again) in the EPT Madrid hi-rollers.

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