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Play Live Poker on the Sky Poker Tour

Posted by David Cowell on December 14, 2010 at 8:06 BST

The Sky Poker Tour is a much lower entry than most of the other live UK poker festivals. It’s not really a festival either as it only lasts the one day! With that said it is excellent fun which is something that can be missing from many of the bigger events.

The tour features a number of tournaments held across the UK with £100 + £10 entry. The difference is that to play in any of the £110 games you must qualify online, no direct buy-in is allowed which means simply sticking your hand in your pocket is out of the question!

In our opinion however this does make for a great feel to the SPT (Sky Poker Tour) as many of the players will be familiar with one anothers screen names and already have a sense of camaraderie. The tour really does bring people together from all walks of life as does any poker event, the lower buyin and the fact most have qualified even cheaper than £110 means no one is risking large sums of money and everyone is pretty relaxed.

The main problem with Sky Poker is that the site is really quiet off peak times. This isn’t a poker room for those who player at daft o’clock as you’ll be pretty much all alone. For those who want to play at peak times however qualifying for the SPT is every night at 9.30pm where for £24 you have a 1 in 5 chance of winning you live event seat to any of the stops on the tour.

If you fancy playing a fun poker tour, meeting the sky poker presenters and taking part in some live sit’n go’s + cash games that happen while the tournaments are on, then qualify on sky poker tonight and enjoy your live poker experience.

Sky Poker Tour 2011 Dates:

  • Leg 2:  Aspers Newcastle – 8th January
  • Leg 3: G Casino Luton – 5th March
  • Leg 4: Grovesnor Leeds – 7th May
  • Leg 5: Aspers Swansea – 23rd July
  • Grand Final: DTD Nottingham – 10th September

Remember even though the cost is low the gtd prizepool is still a whopping £15,000 so it’s most definitely worth playing – Qualify now and good luck.