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Playing Low Level No Limit Hold´em

Posted by David Cowell on October 17, 2010 at 3:53 BST

Whereas many of the strategy articles that you will find on the Internet and in poker training books will relate to the mid-stakes games, low level no limit hold´em consists of almost a different breed of player – not necessarily worse players, just significantly contrasting in the way that they play the game to those you will find at higher levels. If you are just starting to play online poker, here are some key tips about the players that you will meet and be able to exploit at low level no limit hold´em.

New Players – Although you might find some cash-rich new players leaping in at the more expensive tables, there are many who gain valuable experience of no limit hold´em poker at the lower levels before moving on. Some of these will take no notice of the basic “rules” of successful poker (position, table image, opening hand selection) and continue to remain in the lower levels of the game, constantly re-filling their accounts to continue playing, well after they should have given up – or learnt to play the game properly!

Recreational Players – This category of player is just having a little fun at the tables – like the guy in the betting shop on a Saturday morning who will have his 20p yankee on the TV races, even though better betting opportunities exist elsewhere. The recreational player knows a little more than the new player, but you would not find him studying the betting actions of his opponents or making notes about them to exploit in the future. This guy just wants to have a little bit of relaxation in front of his computer screen, and if he comes away in profit, it is a bonus.

Over-staked Players – Over-staked players are the ones with no idea of bankroll management. They will have a large amount of money stashed away with the online cashier and bring the maximum number of blinds with them to the table. However, the value of each individual hand is meaningless to them because whatever they are winning or losing has little effect on their overall balance.

The common denominator between these categories of players is that they all like to see flop. If you visit the lobby area in one of the major online web sites and put the “players per flop” column into order (simply click on the menu bar to do this), you will see that the majority of games at the top of the column are all low level no limit hold´em games. When more players pay to see flop, the bigger the pot becomes – however, the more players involved in a hand, the lesser chance that you will win it!

New players, recreational players and over-staked players love to get involved in as many hands as possible, and the fact that they can is because there is nobody leading the table with a big raise to isolate the limpers. If you can play a tight game against these style of players, and exploit their willingness to put money in your pocket, you will be building a good sized bankroll as you gain valuable experience playing low level no limit hold´em.