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Poker and Social Media

Posted by David Cowell on April 20, 2011 at 6:35 BST

social mediaIf you use a computer (which it appears you do!), it is more than likely that you have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or both. Using these social media to keep up to date with the fortunes of your own personal poker icon might be very interesting, but there are more advantages to subscribing to social media sites than you may have considered.

One such advantage is finding out first about the best promotions being offered by new and existing online poker sites – for example the recent “Deposit £20.00 – Play With £40.00” offered by the WSOP UK poker site. Offers like this are frequently announced using social media, or by poker sites (such as ours) announcing their availability.

Finding out about these promotions as soon as they become available can be beneficial if they are limited to the first (say) 500 people who subscribe to a specific offer, or if they are time-limited – like the WSOP UK offer above which expires at the end of March. Following an online poker site which keeps you up to date with the end of an offer can also be worthwhile, if you have forgotten about it since it was first announced!

If you develop a network of poker playing friends, it means that you do not have to subscribe to hundreds of poker news sources yourself. Each of the group members picks out what the most appealing offer is from their own subscriptions, and shares it amongst the others. This way, you only get the best of the offers and can avoid all the duplicate news or offers which are passed around second hand.

Many poker players or organisations are affiliated to specific online poker sites, and you can get exclusive deals and entries into tournaments via some of their social media promotions. For example, PokerStars hosts valuable freeroll tournaments on its site for which a password is required in order to enter. These passwords are published on their Facebook page or sent via Twitter several hours before the event and only people who follow (or are friends of) PokerStars will get access to them.

Players will also share new strategies they have learned or situations they have come across on social media, and sometimes re-create them on YouTube in order that everybody else can see them.  YouTube is just one of the many other media tools that are available to help you improve your game, and subscribing to the most relevant channels will help you to learn new strategies before your opponents!

If you have not yet embraced social media (or simply use it to keep in touch with your mum) try applying it to your poker activities. Even if just one offer or tip comes up that proves lucrative for you, your time will have been well spent.