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We have played on-line poker for well over 7 Years now, have tried tested and scrutinized just about every poker site going. We have compiled our list of the best UK poker sites based on a number of factors we feel are important to us all.

Some of aspects we all pay attention too are fast, safe and secure banking, a big deposit bonus, added value tournaments, a high volume of player traffic, a large number of poor quality players, limits to suit all budgets and efficient customer support coupled with player rewards.

Taking all things in to consideration, and after consultation with our favorite online rooms we can are pleased to bring  you in-depth reviews and exclusive UK poker bonus deals from the best UK poker sites.

Have a look at the features, bonus deals and special offers below and choose your perfect UK poker site.

Best UK Poker Sites

# SiteUS?BonusReviewVisit
100% up to $600
100% up to $600
deposit £25 get £100
100% up to £400
200% up to $2000
18+ T&Cs apply

Advice for choosing a poker room:

In light of recent events in the USA we strongly advise all players to avoid poker rooms which accept US players, or have recently decided stop accepting them. The exception may be pokerstars who although had their assets frozen have since paid out all US players over $100 million and are operating as normal. Many smaller online poker sites may not be able to manage the financial strain so caution is advised.

The list above with the exception of pokerstars as mentioned above are in no way affected by the recent going on. They are among the most reputable, safe and honest operations in the UK and Europe.

UK Friendly Poker Sites

The term “UK Poker Sites”  or “UK Friendly Poker Sites” implies that there are online poker sites in the world wide web that are not UK friendly, but nothing could be further from the truth – they all want your money! However, there are some online poker sites which are UK-based (or at least have their roots in the UK) which offer distinct advantages to poker players from the UK.

Benefits of Playing on UK Poker Sites

There are four main benefits of playing on UK friendly poker sites – money, money, money and … … money.

  • Money 1 – poker sites focusing on the UK offer cash game tables in £ sterling (in addition to €uros and Di$ney money). This means that you can make poker deposits in your own currency, play online poker in your own currency and appreciate the true value of what you win.
  • Money 2 – United Kingdom poker sites offer qualification routes to many UK-based live tournaments where the competition that you are likely to face is comprised of fellow Brits, a handful of Scandinavians and a few dozen Irishmen – excellent company!
  • Money 3 – How many poker sites for UK players can you think of that do not have a betting operation or casino attached to them (and bingo!). People drifting onto the poker area of a high street bookmaker´s web site are not going to be experienced poker players and represent easy competition.
  • Money 4 – Your money is safe with UK friendly poker websites.  All UK friendly poker sites are registered under the 2005 Gambling Act and overseen by the Gambling Commission. If you want to take a chance by playing on an online poker site which does not meet the UK registration criteria – well, it´s your money!

    There are other benefits of playing on UK poker sites which many players may not even notice. English speaking customer services representatives who speak “English” English and know the nuances of the native tongue, rather than asking you to explain to them what a “fortnight” is! The terms and conditions of using the site are also more transparent to a native English poker player.

    UK friendly sites often have more convenient deposit and withdrawal options for people who live in the UK and you will not have to wait so long if you want to get paid by cheque or bank transfer. In fact, some of the UK friendly poker sites which operate high street betting shops will even allow you to pop into the shop during opening hours and pick up your cash on the same day!


    Playing on UK poker sites is no guarantee of success – indeed, it may even be harder to become a successful poker player on UK friendly poker sites than if you were to register for an account with an online poker site based on the continent. However, online poker players who are willing to look, listen and learn will develop their skills to a much higher level on UK friendly poker sites than they will on an online poker site full of Italians and Spaniards. As Mark Pilarski, author of “Hooked on Winning” once said, "The smarter you play, the luckier you'll be."