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888 Poker is one of the most well established and trusted online poker sites through its long-running network and online gaming business. First launched in 2002, 888 Poker already had a large client base from its parent company´s “Casino-On-Net” (which has over 13 million registered users), and maintains a strong presence amongst the top 20 online poker rooms due to its innovative software and frequently changing promotions.

888 Poker First Deposit Bonus Details

The first deposit bonus offered by 888 Poker is amongst the easiest to clear, although not a great amount of time is available for you to do so.

The normal bonus offer is a 100% match bonus up to $400.00, or £260.00 if you open an account in sterling. If you make use of our links, you will get a 100% up to $600 bonus plus an extra $8 on top!

You redeem your bonus by accumulating Bonus Points – with every 100 Bonus Points achieved clearing $10.00 (or £6.50) of your welcome bonus, which is instantly credited to your account.

Earning 888 Poker Bonus Points

888 Poker Bonus Points are earned on the rake you personally contribute to a hand in a cash ring game, or pay in fees to enter a Sit ´n´ Go or multi table poker tournament .They can also be earned on the 888 sports betting web site and be playing the blackjack and casino games, but the quickest way to turn over your 888 Poker first depositor´s bonus is to play poker.

Quite simply, for each $1.00 you contribute to the rake, or pay in tournament registration fees, you are awarded 2 Bonus Points. For example, if you dropped $10.00 into a $40.00 pot (25%) the rake taken by 888 Poker would be $2.00. Since you contributed 25% of the pot, you are responsible for 25% of the rake, which would be $0.50. That earns you 1 Bonus Point. Similarly, if you were to play in $5.00 + $0.50 Sit ´n´ Go or multi table poker tournaments, you would also earn 1 Bonus Point

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What It Means In Your Pocket

Based on a deposit of $600.00 to achieve the maximum bonus, cash ring game players would head straight for the $1.00/$2.00 tables. During off-peak times, the short handed tables are the most popular and, possibly due to where 888 Poker acquire their clientele from (casino and bookmaking sites), the play is looser than what you might expect. Consequently you will see plenty of tables playing in excess of a hundred hands an hour, with an average pot value of over $40.00.

Even if you were to get involved in just 20% of these hands, it is feasible that you could be contributing $40.00 of rake an hour and earning 80 Bonus Points at the same time. With each 100 Bonus Points releasing $10.00 into your account, you would only need to play at that level for 50 hours within a 30 day period to clear your entire $400.00 first depositor´s bonus.

Tournament players will find it tougher to achieve their bonus quite so quickly, with a limited number of valuable tournaments available during the day and not much traffic in the Sit ´n´ Go lobby above $10.00 + $1.00. However, a major benefit for tournament players is the guaranteed freezeout games which are played during the day and hugely undersubscribed. If you are a big fan of multi table poker tournaments, you would want to play on this site as much for the money being thrown at the tournaments as the initial deposit bonus.

Other 888 Poker First Deposit Benefits

Whilst you are collecting the Bonus Points to redeem your first depositor´s bonus, a “Status Scheme” runs in parallel, enabling you to collect Status Points which you are able to redeem for cash or a fair range of merchandise in the 888 shop. Each 1000 Status Points you collect can be converted into $10.00 cash, so you will have acquired 4000 points to redeemed your bonus, you will also be entitled to cash in your Status Points for another $40.00!

Players who sign up to 888 Poker and make their first deposit using our exclusive links will also have access to seven $500 First Depositor Freerolls and one $1.000 First Depositor Freeroll during the first 30 days of your account being opened, and 888 Poker are currently (we cannot emphasis that enough) running a new depositor´s challenge programme, with free entry into an Wednesday night satellite tournament offering 20 seats to the $50K guaranteed game on Sunday – and as 888 Poker does not accept players from the U.S., the decent tournaments are played at a reasonable hour!

888 Poker uses some excellent software which is very light on RAM and enables you to easily play on multiple tables if you wish to redeem your bonus even quicker. If you would like enjoy the 888 Poker experience and benefit from some tremendous first depositor benefits, register today. We know for a fact that the $50K challenge programme is limited to the next thousand players that register – What other opportunities might you miss?!!!

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