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Party Poker is one of the best known and most established poker web sites in the world. Prior to the American “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act” of 2006, it had more players on its site than the rest of the poker universe combined, and still commands a clear first place amongst the sites which no longer permit players from the States. Party Poker is well renowned for its innovation and has recently acquired the World Poker Tour (WPT), enabling players to qualify online for some of the most valuable live poker event packages.

Party Poker First Deposit Bonus Details

The Party Poker first deposit bonus is a straight 100% match on your initial deposit up to £250 0r whichever currency you choose to open your account in. For example, if you open an account in sterling, you can deposit £250.00 and Party Poker will match that amount in sterling, however there are different qualifications to clearing the bonus depending on the currency in which you open the account.

Accounts opened in US or Canadian dollars must earn six times the value of the initial amount in Party Points to fully clear it. Accounts opened in Euros have to earn eight times the value and those opened in sterling are required to earn nine times the value in Party Points. Inasmuch as this seems a trifle unfair to UK poker players, this still represents a quicker route than most other web sites to clear your bonus. You have sixty days in which to earn sufficient Party Points and the bonus amounts are released in increments of 10% of your deposit.

Earning Party Points

There is a very wide range of opportunities to enable you to earn the Party Points required to clear your bonus on Partypoker.co.uk – and these are not just limited to poker. You can earn Party Points by playing on Party Gammon, Party Bingo, Party Bets and on Party Casino, but none of the combinations available through these methods will earn you the required number of Party Points as quickly as playing on Party Poker.

Party Points in cash ring games are based on the personal contribution you make to the rake, with 2 Party Points awarded for each pound contributed. Based on the example used on the Party Poker website:-

You are playing in a £1.00/£2.00 No Limit Texas Hold´em, where four players see flop and the pot is eventually won with a value of £40.00, from which Party Poker deduct a rake of £2.00. There are four Party Points awarded for the rake divided by the four players in the hand – each player receives one point.

Players of multi table poker tournaments will find the calculation even simpler. There are two Party Points awarded for each £1.00 you pay in tournament fees. So, if a tournament has a buy-in of £20.00 + £2.00, you receive four Party Points towards clearing your bonus.

What It Means In Your Pocket

Inasmuch as we do not recommend that players deposit £100.00 and then go straight with their bankroll to the £1.00/£2.00 tables, the Party Poker first deposit bonus still remains one of the easiest to achieve. If you were to deposit £100.00, the level of table you should be playing at is £0.25/£0.50. If you were to find a table which played 60 rakeable hands an hour with an average pot of £10.00, in which you played in 25% of them, you would be earning 15 Party Poker points an hour. As you only need 900 to clear your full first deposit bonus, you would have to play for 60 hours over a 60 day period (40 hours if you opened your account in dollars).

Tournament players will find that earning the Party Points to redeem the first deposit bonus a little more taxing. Again using the example that you deposited £100.00, you should be aiming to compete in £5.00 + £0.50 Sit ´n´ Go and multi table poker tournaments – each one awarding you one Party Point for each tournament you entered. Therefore, you would have to play in 900 tournaments at this level over a 60 day period (600 if you open your account in dollars) or win your first couple and up the level at which you play to £20.00 + £2.00 – meaning you now only have to play 225 tournaments – easy if you can multitable four at a time.

Other Party Poker First Deposit Benefits

Players who sign up using Party Poker bonus code UKPOKER, will also be eligible to enter the Bankroll Builder beginners freerolls – free entry tournaments with $30.000 up for grabs during your initial 60 day period. You will also have access to beginner’s only ring tables – protecting your bankroll from the more experienced players – a comprehensive poker school which includes a hand analyser and begin to collect Party Points for the Party Poker reward scheme in which points are exchanged for cash and further bonuses.

Due to the straightforward nature of redeeming your first deposit bonus, Party Poker is one of the first sites players looking to gain experience head for. There are two major advantages for UK poker players opening an account with Party Poker. First, because the site does not accept players from the States, many of the major tournaments are played at more convenient times for those living in the UK.

Also, because of the popularity of the site, Party Poker does not have to rely so heavily on re-buy tournaments to generate worthwhile prizes for the tournament winners. This means that by joining the Party Poker “experience”, you will have more opportunities to win larger sums of money, enabling you to earn your Party Poker first deposit bonus much quicker.

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