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Pokerview unveils webcam poker

Posted by David Cowell on May 04, 2011 at 6:51 GMT

Online poker players, include those based in the States, will now be able to play online poker while seeing their opponents. Pokerview have unveiled revolutionary new technology which allows players to be represented at online tables via their webcam, removing many of the traditional drawbacks frequently levelled at online poker play. Naturally this will allow for body language and “tells” to be observed, and will bring online poker closer than ever to live play.

web cam pokerPokerview has insisted that their website will be full licensed and regulated. All webcam tables will be monitored to ensure that players remain visible throughout he game. For players who do not currently have access to a webcam, Pokerview will give you one for free. The site also offers classic avatar online gameplay for those who do not feel like partaking of the new technology and taking on opponents face to face.

According to a statement released by Pokerview, the new technology is in answer to a large number of players who are now demanding a more stimulating and social experience out of their online poker sessions. “Players are knocking on our doors eager to experience the ability to play live poker online” said Director of Michael Dunsberg, “beating the game is just so much more exiting when you have faces to go with the players.”

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