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Pro Poker: Who’s the Greatest of the Greats?

Posted by David Cowell on April 20, 2011 at 12:16 GMT

Poker has a long and interesting history, and this will no doubt be the case well into the future given the rise in popularity of online poker. By choosing to play poker online, you can have all the benefits of winning money while taking advantage of poker bonus offers.

Poker is now one of the most popular games in the whole world, and games have become more intense and competitive than ever before; indeed, many millionaires are now being created from the game. For many companies and casinos across the world, poker has proven a tremendous source of earnings and has produced many people that rely on the game as a source of income. Of course, they don’t really need it, as most poker professionals these days are incredibly wealthy.

Many people take interest in the game, and many people pursue it to an extent in which they attempt to make it profitable. But playing poker doesn’t just offer the promise of money; instead, it offers you the chance to meet people, learn tactical skills and have a great time playing it as well. Even though some enthusiasts visit casinos, others frequent online communities just as often.

But what about those who live off their winnings? These poker professionals are known worldwide through media coverage and televised poker events. Various articles are published online about these world-famous poker players, primarily covering those who win. You must remember, however, that while professionals like Viktor Blom might be reported as winning, there is always somebody else who has lost. Poker, then, is not the safest of games to play if you’re looking to win big money.

Daniel Negreanu is a perfect example of how poker can make you incredibly wealthy. In 2007, Daniel earned $122,672 through poker games, and to this day remains successful. He has won four World Series of Poker bracelets as well as two World Poker Tour Championship titles. Amazingly, he is now ranked second in the career earnings list of all time. Today he is the star of Million Dollar Challenge, the popular poker game show.

A tournament and cash game player, Negreanu is an extremely famous and accomplished poker player. In 2004 he gained particular fame when he was named the Card Player of the Year, as well as the WSOP Player of the Year. Over his time playing, he has also obtained four WSOP and two WPT titles, as well as a number of WPT and WSOP final tables.

Negreanu has played incredibly regularly in Bobby’s Room, in the big game. This is in the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas, where limits will reach $8,000 and more. Dedicated to poker, he continues to provide competition to players across the world.

Yet another professional poker player on the world stage is Phillip Ivey, the American poker player who has now won the World Series of Poker bracelet eight times, and the World Poker Tour title once. Largely regarded as the best all-round poker player in the world, Ivey has earned a fortune playing poker for a living. He is well and truly one of the greats of the poker community.

Experiencing poker doesn’t just have to be a matter of watching these legends play the game for themselves, however. Instead, you can make use of the thousands of gambling websites that are now available. These websites let you experience poker right from your living room, with every kind of poker game available to play online. You’ll even be able to play for cash and benefit from an exclusive poker bonus when you sign up.

It seems, indeed, that online poker is the future for individuals participating in the game for leisure, but the future of professional poker is much harder to predict. It has been suggested that Poker Stars will eventually overtake many competitors, like Full Tilt Poker. However, for as long as poker exists, there will be different reigning champions of different tournaments and different kinds of poker. The game is diverse, and there are always more losers than winners.

Whether the future for professional poker is looking good or not, you’ll always be able to benefit from it. You don’t just have to watch it on television, and nor do you have to spend thousands of dollars on a trip to Vegas to experience what playing poker and gambling is really like. With the use of modern technology and quality online gambling services, you can play like a poker professional from the comfort of your own living room, bedroom or kitchen.