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Running a Charity Poker Night

Posted by David Cowell on July 18, 2010 at 5:27 BST

Having a good cause and raising money in support of it is a wonderful thing to do. You can achieve a natural high from knowing that you have helped in the process of raising money that will aid those who are disadvantaged or even generating funds that will quite literally save lives.

In the current climate, however, it can be all too easy to feel swamped by request after request for donations towards a charitable event. This is why people may need an added incentive to get them to donate.

Hosting a charity casino night or charity poker night is a fantastic way to encourage people to donate to charity, whilst at the same time providing them with an entertaining and fun packed evening.

Possessing a great idea that is sure to attract loads of potential charity givers is fabulous, but what is equally important is having the ability to execute the evening whilst keeping your budget and running costs to a minimum, thus ensuring the maximum amount possible will be donated to your chosen charity. Let us explore how to cut the costs of running a charity casino or poker night.

Cost Cutting Ideas

First off, you could try making the invitations, decorations yourself and handling the publicity. Depending on your target clientèle and the location of your charity casino event, this can be easily enough achieved with the creative use of your home computer, printer and an advert in the local paper.

Catering costs for the event can be kept to a minimum if you choose a buffet style ‘finger food and bowls on table (with lots of nibbles )’ approach. If you choose a venue that has a licensed bar attached then your guests will know to pay for drinks themselves without the pressure of expecting freebies.

When it comes to the casino equipment itself you could try adopting a semi DIY approach. Poker table covers and casino cloths can quickly and efficiently cover and transform a standard table in to a poker paradise in one easy step. Casino cloths in particular are available very cheaply if you shop around. Cards and Chips can be purchased cheaply on-line or from the high street, with most supermarkets now supplying Poker packs, decks and chips at rock bottom prices.

Another way of covering your costs is to make the event pay for itself, ensure that the costs of tickets and stakes will adequately cover the costs of venue rental and equipment hire. However, remember that casino nights, even for charities, are subject to strict laws, all of which are available to view on the Gambling Commission website.

You could also try to secure sponsorship for your event in exchange for advertising. You can contact casino hire companies and ask for donations of equipment or to see if they offer specialist discounted party prices for charity occasions. You can also hire a dealer or croupier directly, which may save you considerable agency costs. Some croupiers and dealers will also be able to supply casino and poker equipment and tables at a reduced rate (when compared to larger companies).

Ultimately by examining each and every component of the evening you should be able to control costs sufficiently to ensure that you maximise the revenues generated for your charitable cause without compromising the quality of the event or the enjoyment of your guests.