UK Poker Player Poker News Russian wins first EPT Snowfest Title (while holding his monkey)

Russian wins first EPT Snowfest Title (while holding his monkey)

Posted by David Cowell on April 05, 2011 at 8:29 BST

Despite world problems such as recession, depression, economic down-turn and inflation, Vladimir Geshkenbein had something to celebrate last week when he took his first European Poker Tour (EPT) Snowfest Title. The talented Russian outlasted 482 other players to claim first place, winning a bank-boosting €390,000 in the process.

Coming into the final table Italian Giacomo Maisto was chip leader. However his luck seemed to have abandoned him, and he was soon snapped up by Geshkenbein to finish in fourth place. Seemingly on a roll, he promptly went on to knock out  Koen de Visscher. His last hurdle before victory was a heads-up with Belgian Kevin Vandermissen, which lasted 30 minutes in total. Lagging behind slightly in chips, Vandermissen pushed all-in pre-flop with K 10, against Geshkenbein’s A 9. With the appearance of another Ace in the flop,  Vandermissen’s fate was sealed.

In addition to his new EPT Snowfest victory,  Vladimir Geshkenbein also holds wins with the Asia Pacific Poker Tour High Roller Event and  the PKR Heads-up Grand Slam from 2009. Throughout his time at the EPT tables,  Geshkenbein also bore a stuffed monkey as his good luck token (it seems to have worked). This seems to be becoming something of a feature with the EPT, as Deauville winner Lucien Cohen wielded a plastic rat throughout the game. We shall have to see what Berlin adds to the growing menagerie.

Launched in 2004 and sponsored by PokerStars, the EPT was designed to cater to the world’s growing interest in Texas Hold’em Poker. It now functions as a series of high-profile events across several cities in Europe, which are broadcast on Television worldwide. Since the middle of Season 3, James Hartigan has worked as the lead commentator, with in-depth analysis provided by international poker professionals Greg Raymer, Daniel Negreanu and Victoria Coren. Upcoming events still to happen in the current (7th) EPT are scheduled in Berlin and Sanremo, with the Grand Final taking place in Madrid.

The final table results of the EPT Snowfest were:

1 Vladimir Geshkenbein – €390,000

2 Kevin Vandersmissen – €260,000

3 Koen de Visscher – €147,000

4 Giacomo Maisto – €100,000

5 Cristian Dragomir – €81,000

6 Philip Meulyzer – €65,000

7 Denis Murphy – €49,000

8 Morten Mortensen – €35,000