UK Poker Player Poker News Sam MacDonald in Overall Control at UKIPT Edinburgh

Sam MacDonald in Overall Control at UKIPT Edinburgh

Posted by Andy on August 13, 2011 at 8:08 GMT

UKIPT Edinburgh 2011Could it be third time lucky for Sam MacDonald – Day 1 chip leader at both the UKIPT Nottingham and UKIPT Cork – and now overall Day 1 chip leader at the PokerStars sponsored UKIPT Edinburgh?  Sam picked up most of his chips in the same manner as Day 1a chip leader Colin Wu – right at the death – and takes a healthy 225,000 chips into today´s Day 2 in comparison to Wu´s bagged and tagged 138,500.

The Stars Turn Up Late and Go Home Early

As the UKIPT is sponsored by PokerStars, you expect a number of their professional players to turn up and, quite frankly, to do well. On Day 1a, Chris Moneymaker led the way with an impressive performance to finish the day in ninth (now 18th overall), but his feat could not be replicated by Jude Ainsworth, Victoria Coren or JP Kelly (who overslept the 12.00 noon start) who all busted out before the end of the day, but hopefully they will stick around and support some of the side events over the weekend.

UKIPT Regulars are … … Regular

Among the regular faces taking their seats on Friday were previous UKIPT champions Max Silver (Dublin Season 1), Nick Abou Risk (Edinburgh Season 1/Galway Season 2), Richard Sinclair (Newcastle Season 2) and Sam Razavi (Cork Season 2). Chris Dowling – currently atop the UKIPT Leaderboard – and Rupinder Bedi – the man with the most cashes in UKIPT history were also in attendance, and we were graced with appearances from Neil Channing, Julian Thew and Jesse “the voice of poker” May.

The Action Starts Quickly … …

Unlike Thursday´s slow start and explosive finish, it did not take long for the action to start on Day 1b. In one of the first hands of the day, Jude Ainsworth lost a sizeable pot when his A J was beaten by A♠ Q on a board which read Q 8 10♣ / 2♠ / J and Neil Channing (rightly) let a valuable pot go on the turn with a pair of Queens and drawing possibilities against a player who had flopped the straight. Both Ainsworth and Canning made slight recoveries to extend their stay at the tables, but neither made it as far as the dinner break before hitting the rail.

… Gets Quicker … …

Leading lady poker player, Deborah Worley-Roberts, took a nice pot against Euan Dunbar when her 10 9 held up on a board of 6 6♣ 9♠ / K / 5. “I rivered you ass” shrieked the refined American now residing in East Sussex, but neither she nor the unfortunate Dunbar were to see the end of the day. The 9♣ river was also kind to Callum Palfrey in with Q♠ J♠ against Nick Ramsey´s 10♠ 9♠ with the board showing 10 7 A♠ / 8♠, and qualifier Callum is now among the chip leaders.

… and Finishes With a Treble Up for Razavi

Sam Razavi has a trademark moonwalk when he hits a big pot and was walking his way (backwards we guess) into contention with a treble up on one of the final hands of the day. All-in with A♣ Q♣ against Sam MacDonald´s {A♦ Q and a third player with pocket 7s, the flop of 2♣ 3♣ 5♣ gave him the nut flush, and with no help on the turn or river for either of the other players, Razavi went from being potentially eliminated to the fringe of the bubble.

UKIPT Edinburgh Facts and Figures

The combined total of players entering the UKIPT Edinburgh Main Event was 519. 63 players will be paid a total of £251,715, with first place worth £61,500 (or $100,097 if Chris Moneymaker wins the event) and any player reaching the final table assured of collecting £4,555. Selected chip counts from the 147 players chasing UKIPT glory are:-

1 Sam Macdonald 225,000
2 Alan Barnes 172,000
3 Bernardo Da Silveira Dias 144,000
4 Haitao Wu 138,500
5 Andrew Mackenzie 134,600
6 Ovidijus Slimas PokerStars Qualifier 133,300
7 Thomas Ward 118,200
8 Mark Warnock 117,900
9 David Stockings 110,100
10 David Vamplew 108,000
11 Craig Brown PokerStars Qualifier 103,800
12 Robert Swindells 101,400
13 Richard Callaghan PokerStars Qualifier 100,800
18 Chris Moneymaker 89,800
26 Julian Thew 79,100
33 Nick Abou Risk 72,200
37 Richard Sinclair 70,000
40 Callum Palfrey PokerStars Qualifier 67,500
43 Rupinder Bedi PokerStars Qualifier 64,800
55 Max Silver 55,500