Sam Trickett

Posted by David Cowell on April 05, 2011 at 7:46 GMT

Sam TrickettAlthough he is currently ranked as one of the UK’s best high-stakes poker players, Sam Trickett’s climb to the top was far from easy. After enjoying some success locally in his native Sheffield in 2005, Trickett soon realised he was making more from one night at the poker tables than from a week of regular work.

He was consistently winning local tournaments and games, and so hungered for more serious competition. Deciding to enter a tournament at Sheffield’s biggest casino resulted in a cash win inside the bubble, and Trickett sites this experience as the moment his obsession with the cards truly began.

Following two more events in Sheffield where he failed to cash, he entered and won a tournament, taking £1000 for first place. This provided his confidence (not to mention his bankroll) with a huge boost. It was also around this time that he began honing his game online, entering $10 Sit n Go games and enjoying great success there.

Setting his sights on the Gala Casinos British Poker Tour (GCBPT), he entered the qualifier in Nottingham and took £3500, as well as earning a seat in the Main Event. At the GCBPT itself he finished 11th, just failing to qualify for one of the big money prizes. It was then he contacted Julian Thew, another Nottingham and Sheffield player, in order to seek advice on going full-time pro.

The two began attending events together around the UK, and Trickett won over £20,000 between August and October in 2007. Entering the Dusk Till Dawn Poker Club in Nottingham, he was able to begin rubbing shoulders with prestigious players such as Paul ‘Action’ Jackson. Jackson became a friend and mentor, talking Trickett through various hands and staking him online for a share in winnings. He promptly took third place in the Dusk Till Dawn invitation-only event, earning himself over £12,000 and turning a good profit for Jackson in the process.

December 2007 saw Trickett make his first trip to Las Vegas to compete in the World Poker Tour Doyle Brunson Classic. Unfortunately, he hadn’t counted on the slippery luck of pro Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliot. Trickett pushed all-in with AK, scoring another King on the flop, against Devilfish and his pocket Queens. However, with another Queen appearing in the River, Devilfish took the hand. This left Sam finishing in 102nd place, just two short of the $30,000 winnings for finishing100th.

Trickett did not return to Vegas again until June 2008, where he decided to enter the WSOP. He played two events, busting just short of the bubble in both. However, he managed to boost his bankroll by winning Full Tilt Poker’s Monday $1K, earning the enmity of Full Tilt regulars as this was his first time on the site. He gave Vegas one more swing by competing in the $5000 No Limit event, and ended up cashing in fourth, taking home over $245,000.

Returning back to the UK, Trickett set his sights on winning a GUKPT title. This he achieved in August 2008 when he won the Luton Main Event, taking home $210,000. He then went on to win the inaugural London Poker Circuit event for nearly $14,000. Overall, Trickett’s tournament winnings totalled over $550,000 in under two years.

Sam continues his poker success worldwide, and remains one of Britain’s proudest poker exports to date. Currently sponsored by Titan Poker you can find Sam playing online there and play against him in some exclusive tournaments.

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