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Sex, Drugs ´n´ Rock ´n´ Roll

Posted by David Cowell on July 27, 2010 at 12:56 GMT

Playing poker can be a very stressful game, and there are times when you have to get away from it all, chill out and give your mind a chance to stop working on pot odds and identifying characteristics of players around your table.

These top tips may help you approach your game in a better mood tomorrow:-

Sex and stress are linked in many ways. It is a well acknowledged fact that, when under periods of prolonged stress, both men and women suffer from a low libido. However, a study at Arizona State University showed that physical affection and sexual activity during the evening led to much lower stress levels and a better mood the following day. It has been proven that the body releases “feel good” endorphins during sex, which stay in the body for up to twenty four hours (which leads to more sex the following night, and so on).

Being responsible members of the community, we cannot possibly advocate the use of harmful or illegal drug taking – especially if you are playing poker and you should have your focus intact. However, Kava Kava is a well-known relaxant in herbal remedy circles that gives you a sense of well being without affecting your mental alertness.

It normally comes in pill form or as a tea, it is completely legal and available from your local health shop where it is known by its medicinal name of “piper methysticum”.

According to KISS, “God gave Rock ´n´ Roll to ya” and there probably is nothing better than putting on some metal and having a good sing-a-long to lower your heart rate (this is true!), decrease your blood pressure and forget about your stress. Of course, your neighbours might have something to say about your choice of seventies glam band, but at least you will feel better about yourself when they come round to complain about the noise.

In all seriousness, stress has to be a consideration both on and off the tables. For many people, there is the excitement of the opportunity to win vast sums of money, but sadly, some people cannot cope with the loss.

Although it is always recommended that you never play with funds you cannot afford to lose, some people see the lure of the big win as a solution to their problems – whereas it never will be, and the usual scenario is that the problem is multiplied.

Bodies such as Gambleaware offer tips and guidance for players who feel that they may have a problem, or for friends and family members who need a little help coping with a potential gambling issue. The site has a very good self-assessment quiz that determines what level of concern you should have, and a “Fact or Fiction” quiz that everybody who plays poker, follows the horses or visits the casino should take.

As with anything, all things in moderation – sex, drugs, rock ´n´ roll … … … and poker!